Principal’s Message

This week we acknowledged Close the Gap Day by extending its core focus and message into the whole week, committing ourselves as a community to closing this inequality gap and working for justice. We have explored the realities of the health and education gap in Australia and unpacked excerpts from the Uluru Statement from the Heart. At assembly on Wednesday we all participated in a very special and moving Acknowledgement of Country, with all students and staff standing and saying the Acknowledgement together, committing ourselves as a whole school community in the spirit of Close the Gap and our own Reconciliation Action Plan.

For the past few weeks I have been interviewing Year 3 girls and families wanting to come to Loreto Normanhurst in Year 5.  I have had the most beautiful conversations with the girls about what they are curious about or what they wonder about. I have been uplifted and delighted by where our chats have gone – marvelling at the innate curiosity in us all, so beautifully captured by the lens of an eight year old child.  One student asked me what it is that I wonder about and I reflected on her question and my response a little more after the interview.  I shared this with the girls and staff at assembly on Wednesday. As I said then, one thing I do wonder about is what our nation would be like if a couple of hundred years ago we had listened a bit more deeply to our First Nations people. If we had been more open to learning from the precious wealth of knowledge founded in Aboriginal culture.

How would our history have changed over time and how would we non-Indigenous people, of so many diverse backgrounds, be different and how might our national psyche likewise be different? We may not be able to change the past, but we can learn from it, we can seek opportunities to work towards Reconciliation, and we can follow the moral imperative of doing all we can to ensure that we close the gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and non-Indigenous Australians.

Congratulations to the Tildesley Tennis Team who have been training since the end of 2018. They played very well throughout this week in what is always a highly competitive competition and we thank them for their dedication and skill.

Today we continued our efforts in working towards a more sustainable future by taking part in our own Earth Hour to raise awareness and inspire action around wasteful energy. This amazing global conservation movement shows how we care about our planet’s future and I thank the Green Team for all the work they do in this space as they tread along the School’s Strategic Pathway of being an Ecology-Centred School.

As the Music Festival fast approaches we wish all students well in their final preparations for the event which should be fantastic, and a fitting celebration of the wonder of music at Loreto Normanhurst. The momentum really is building with this year’s Music Festival choir songs featuring as the tune for the bell in the lead up to the event and rehearsals for choirs and Act One performances being finalised.  All proceeds from the Music Festival will go to the Bursary Fund that supports families in necessitous circumstances. If you haven’t booked your ticket, you can do so here.  The theme for this year’s Music Festival is Awakening Our Spirit and I have no doubt that the spirit will be awakened, the soul will be nourished and our hearts will be delighted.   In this spirit, I leave you with this prayer from Leunig’s When I Talk To God.


 We give thanks for the life and work of Amadeus Mozart.
Let us celebrate and praise all those musicians and composers
who give their hands and hearts and voice to the expression of life’s mystery and joy.
Who nourish our heart in its yearning;
Who dignify our soul in its struggling.
Who harmonise our grief and gladness.
Who make melody from the fragments of chaos.
Who align our spirit with creation.
Who reveal to us the grace of God.
Who calm us and delight us and set us free to love and forgive.
Let us give thanks and rejoice.



Ms Marina Ugonotti