Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

This week we were met with the challenges that go with the unpredictable nature of our world when the Ausgrid power outage affected Loreto Normanhurst on Wednesday afternoon and into Thursday morning. Events such as these remind us of the need to be agile and flexible and to work together to overcome obstacles and to learn and to think creatively. I would like to thank staff for their quick response to ensure all students were safe and cared for and were clear about the changed procedures for the afternoon and into the evening for our boarders. I also extend thanks to our parents for your understanding and cooperation as we worked through the power outage until resolution on Thursday morning.

At this week’s assembly we again celebrated the pursuit of academic excellence as we acknowledged the achievements of our students in Years 10 and 11 who were recognised on the grade-based credential, Record of School Achievement (RoSA). A number of students excelled in their RoSA and they are to be congratulated for their well-deserved accomplishments. These excellent results do not come easily, instead they have been achieved through grit and determination, setbacks and success, thinking and planning and through the help of their support networks and their commitment to all aspects of school life. Well done girls and thank you to the parents who were able to attend Wednesday’s ceremony.

Congratulations to Swetha Kumar, Year 12 who participated in the St Ives Lions Club, Youth of the Year Program. The program’s objective is to develop and hone participants’ skills associated with interview technique, personal interaction, networking, public speaking and ‘thinking on your feet’. On Monday night Swetha was required to respond to two impromptu questions and present a speech of five minutes’ duration. Swetha presented very well under challenging circumstances, showing us all that courage and determination as well as planning and preparation are key to being the best you can be. Congratulations again to Swetha.

On Wednesday this week we marked the anniversary of the National Apology to the Stolen Generations. It has been 11 years since this significant time in our nation’s history when we looked with sincerity and with a truthful eye to our past, and with a hopeful eye to our future while acknowledging the pain and suffering of decisions made of governments past. Thank you to Lua Pellegrini, Year 12 and Charlotte Ryan, Year 12 for their gentle strength when they addressed the Secondary School assembly with their own thoughts and memories from their families about the stolen generations and what that has meant for them. It’s an ongoing part of healing in the reconciliation process to listen deeply to the pain that was caused and to tread gently on the sacred land that was dispossessed.

The United Nations International Day of Women and Girls in Science was also marked this week. Science is a key part of a Loreto Normanhurst education – remaining curious and wondering about what might be, finding your place in that deep search for wisdom and knowledge, which is what science is all about, and as women and girls, ensuring you are not held back from playing a part in answering some of those questions that have a scientific approach to understanding life and what the world can provide. Our Green Team and wider community show us that it is our duty to preserve biodiversity, our responsibility to ensure that all Creation is cared for, and that the wonderful pursuit of knowledge and of wisdom and working things out is something that you can all contribute to and work towards.

That notion of grit and perseverance and effort was very much in evidence when I joined Year 7 on camp last week. I congratulate Year 7 for ably going into the unknown and the unfamiliar while forming new friendships. I know it would have been tricky for some girls so early in the term to be doing things that put them out of their comfort zone, but we know when we are out of that place of comfort, good learning and growth comes through.

Congratulations to Year 10 on a beautiful demonstration in the dramatic field with the Bell Shakespeare performance of a Midsummer Night’s Dream last Friday night. The heavens opened and the storm came through and A Midsummer Night’s Dream no longer took place in our lovely gardens, but Year 10 so beautifully adapted and went to an indoor space where they hadn’t previously rehearsed. This is how we remain agile and responsive and use those skills in collaboration and critical thinking and I congratulate those girls.

Music Festival rehearsals began this week and it’s wonderful to see the collaboration and excitement across the year groups as the girls begin their task of putting their House choir performances together.

Good luck to all girls representing Loreto Normanhurst in sport this weekend.


Creator and spirit of all
We pray for all our science teachers that they might inspire and animate our students to display curiosity and wonder about our world and cosmos and to use their gifts in the service of all creation.
Creator and spirit of all
We come to you united as one people and you comfort all those whose history on this land is the story of hurt and pain
May your wisdom and guidance be with all who work towards a future of unity, reconciliation and peace
We ask this prayer in the name of your son Jesus



Ms Marina Ugonotti