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Primary School News

I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book!  When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.

Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice


On a glorious winter’s day, the Athletics Carnival went ahead after a false start due to inclement weather. It was a celebration of our girls’ willingness to have a go at a range of sporting events in both track and field. All of our girls showed enthusiasm and House spirit with rousing war cries and great team work. This afternoon, we will finalise the field events and the 100 metres invitational, which will showcase the four fastest girls in the Primary School, and where one will be crowned Queen of the Track. The House Cup and Spirit Cup and individual places will be announced next Wednesday at 11.30am in the Learning Common. Thank you to Mr Mulroney and the Sports Department, the House Leaders and the Primary School staff for helping make the day such a success and to parents for your support and attendance. A special thank you to Clint Bridges (father of Sasha – Year 6) for taking the spectacular photos of the carnival.

Following are the Semester 2 House Leaders reflections of their first official duty.

“We really enjoyed running Benedicta. We loved preparing for the carnival, the House cheers and Spirit cup. In general, we love athletics carnivals because we love to run and have fun. Benedicta is a really hard working House full of teamwork, we are really happy that we are the Benedicta House leaders as the girls are understanding, kind, hardworking and always participate!”

Sofia Bartucciotto and Jessica Summerton

“It was such an amazing experience to perceive the carnival from a leader’s point of view.  We both had one goal; to make every girl in Clare lose their voice and we think we were successful – our own ears were sore from the noise of cheering!  Everyone had a go in an event to show their pride in Clare.  Overall it was an event that we will remember forever as House Leaders.”

Sarah Zammit and Indiana Thom

“As Dorothea House Leaders, we were overjoyed and privileged to be able to lead our House at this year’s athletics carnival.  We were so eager to cheer for Dorothea and exhort everyone to participate and try their hardest at cheering  and to take part in the events.  It was such a nice experience to see all three Houses representing their House by wearing their colours and displaying House spirit.  We loved that in the House cheers all the Houses chanted at their very loudest in an attempt to earn the Spirit Cup.  We’ve enjoyed cooperating with the other House Leaders in order to make this carnival a memorable day for all the Primary School.  We’re looking forward to taking part in future activities and representing Dorothea House once again.”

Elina Degani and Stephanie Wilkins


Book Week 2019 

This year the theme is Reading is my secret power.


Our parade will be held on Friday 16th August in the Primary School Learning Common at 9.00am. Students are to dress as a character from a favourite book and are to come to school in their costume. They may stay in their costume for the rest of the day. All parents are warmly invited to the book parade.


Colouring-in entries will be distributed during Library lessons and completed entries are to be handed in by Thursday (Week 6). 


All Premier’s Reading Challenge entries are to be submitted online before Friday 30th August (Week 6).  You will need to log onto the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge website using your PRC usernames and passwords.  Please contact me if you need any assistance.


Our Book Week celebrations in the Primary School Library commenced this week with a visit from the acclaimed children’s author, Ursula Dubosarsky.  Ursula has published more than 60 books and has won numerous awards, with her most recent book, Brindabella, making the 2019 CBCA shortlist.

Ursula shared a ‘travel bag’ full of strategies that she uses to initiate and give momentum to her creative ideas.  Two of these included: the objects inside a satchel and the jigsaw puzzle techniques. 

For the first technique, Ursula explained how she collects a group of random items and then links them together to create a story. The items inside the satchel were a small plastic sheep, a pair of toy binoculars and a green pencil and the girls had five minutes to write down their ideas.  Examples of the girls’ writing, using this technique, are shown below. 

Whoooooooooooooosh went the waves as they crashed against the sandy bank making an ominous sound. I picked up my binoculars and stared at the empty horizon, waiting for something to happen.  I scraped my hair back into a ponytail, ready to go.  I took up my notebook, ready to draw, sketching the waves slowly and steadily. I then drew the sun and the sparkling water, as bright as diamonds.  The green pencil in my hand then broke and I realised I was exhausted, ready to go home. 

Hannah Kent –  Year 5

“Move it, loser!” One of the school bullies pushed him to the ground on the way to school on the first day of the year.  “Ow! What was that for?” Aaron looked up but the bully was gone.  Something had fallen out of his satchel so he bent down to pick it up.  It was a pair of binoculars! Aaron decided to use them to look for the bully.  He looked around but couldn’t find him.  Instead, he saw a tiny little sheep hiding behind a tree. 

Amelia Korkor – Year 5

The jigsaw puzzle technique begins with the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle which you fit together, using your imagination and then creating and revealing the plot piece by piece.  The jigsaw pieces revealed the scene of a family picnic set in the 1890s. Below are some examples of the girls’ creative thinking.

Me and my family have been waiting patiently to see if Mum is better. I’m reading her stories so she doesn’t feel stressed but she’s looking really ill.  My brother and aunt are here with me too but my brother looks the most distressed. He and Mum have always had a strong connection while my Dad and I were always close. 

Stephanie Knox – Year 5

People were squealing, some people were begging, while others there were proposing marriage. But one girl could see everything.  This girl was peculiar and now she was intently looking into a cup.  In that cup was a tiny man who was as peculiar as her.  He could hear from afar, climb trees and see into the past. 

Mia Basic – Year 5

The Year 6 students were also treated to a visual presentation of Ursula’s time living and writing in Paris as well as her experiences whilst staying at the famous residence Bundanon, near Nowra, which gave the inspiration for her book Brindabella.

Our day with Ursula was full of inspiration and imagination, and reinforced for the girls the joys of reading and creative expression.


Mrs Caroline Walton

Teacher Librarian


In this edition of SchoolTV, parents are provided with valuable information and are encouraged to have conversations with their children about the issues of online safety and the potential harm of image sharing and cyberbullying. In partnership with the eSafety Commissioner, SBS has created a package of resources including discussion guides for families and teachers, around cyberbullying and image sharing, to promote safe and positive experiences online.

Click on this link to access this SchoolTV special report and the associated resources. We hope you take some time to reflect on the information offered and use this to assist you in having an informed conversation with your daughter. If you have any questions about this material or you have concerns about the wellbeing of your daughter, please contact your daughters teacher for further information.


Mrs Lynn Long

Director of Pastoral Care


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary