Primary School News

Primary School News

Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and difficult as that.

Michael Leunig


During the week, Ms Ugonotti came to the Primary School for a Q&A with the girls. They eagerly took the chance to ask many and varied questions such as, ‘What are your strategies for being calm?’  ‘If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?’ ‘What is your favouite food/colour/book/movie/place?’ ‘What do you love about Loreto?’ to which Ms Ugonotti replied, ‘The girls of course!’ There were still so many questions to be asked, but the girls loved the chance to get to know a little more about the marvellous Ms Ugonotti.



During Semester 2, a group of keen programmers took on the challenge of building a robot and learning how to code their robot to complete different tasks and challenges. The girls have been developing their skills over the weeks, learning how to identify the different sensors on the robots and how they are used, trialling different speeds and wheel rotations as well as testing different degree rotations to change the robot’s direction.

The Robotics Club involves teamwork, problem solving and communication. The girls have started applying their new knowledge of coding skills to challenge tasks which often take time and patience to complete. Following are some reflections from members of the Robotics Club.


‘I’ve really enjoyed robotics this term. We had fun building the robots and then we had a challenge where the robot would have to go around the table and not go over the edge, we all got there in the end. Now we have a new challenge, we have to push the drink bottle out of the green area using the light sensor. My group is halfway there but it is really hard (in a good way). I had a really great time at robotics last term and will again this term.’

Olivia Kent


‘In robotics we have learned to change or add one thing at a time so that we can see our progress. This helps us find out what we need to add or change in our code. Working in teams makes it easier because by using one person’s skills with another, it helps expand our knowledge. Every week we have a new challenge and we also share our knowledge with other teams and they share theirs with us. Towards the end of the lesson we come together to say what we can add to our codes if we haven’t already. Robotics is amazing and we can use these skills later in our lives.’

Lily Sorensen


‘I’ve really enjoyed getting to work in groups with my fellow classmates and Year 6 girls. Doing robotics has helped me to make new friends and improve my teamwork, resilience and coding skills. My favourite thing about robotics is that you get to try over and over again until you get it right and no one judges you because we are all at the same level.’

Amy Bourke


‘I love how we learn about all of the different sensors and variables. I definitely don’t have a way to spend my Wednesday mornings better than this and I look forward to letting the new Year 5 girls enjoy the LEGO building, programming and watching the robots move around the room.’ 

Rose Cunningham


‘One of my favourite things in robotics is working with different girls and sharing ideas on how to solve problems and fix bugs and mistakes. It was really fun learning how to code while also using my knowledge from Coding Club. The hardest thing was building the code to stop at the edge of the table, turn around and stop at the edge infinitely.’

Ruby Harrison


‘In robotics we use a series of codes to create a pathway for our robots. So far we have made our robots push objects out of a certain area, made it stop at the edge of a table and coded it to create the shape of a square. I really enjoy going to robotics every week, because I know it is going to be fun and enjoyable! I love working with my group as we have load of creative ideas and experiments.’

Grace Parker


‘In robotics each week we learn a different skill. Last week we programmed our robots to save people from a chemical spill. Our robots had to drive into the chemical spill turn and move the people out of the spill. Robotics is so much fun.’

Grace Drake


Congratulations to the following girls for their excellent results in the UNSW ICAS Mathematics Competition and the Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiad Games.


ICAS Maths Competition




Chelsea Gleeson, Y6 Francesca Byrne-Fister, Y6 Annelyse Seymour,  Y6
Tahlia Moses, Y6 Josephine Egan, Y6  
Rachel Walsh, Y5 Ruby Harrison, Y5  
Sarah Zammit, Y5 Laura Nutt,  Y6  
  Rosemary O’Brien,  Y5  
  Sofia Palermo,  Y5  
  Grace Parker,  Y5  
  Lily Sorensen,  Y5  


APSMO Maths Games

Abbey Timmins,  Y5 Ivy Hain,  Y5 Nicole Del Rio,  Y5
Amy Bourke,  Y5 Jessica Lenehan,  Y6 Rachel Walsh,  Y5
Elina Degani,  Y5 Laura Nutt, Y6 Sofia Palermo, Y5
Emily Saliba,  Y6 Lily Sorensen, Y5 Sofia Storgato,  Y5
Emma O’Brien,  Y5 Mariana Daly,  Y5 Tara Gambrill,  Y5


A further congratulations to Lucia Van Der Heiden for placing 9th at the U12/13 girls high jump at the NSWPSSA Athletics Championships. A fabulous achievement!


We look forward to welcoming our 2019 Year 5 cohort next Friday for their Loreto Normanhurst Primary School Orientation.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary