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The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.

Hubert H. Humphrey

It has been a week of new beginnings in the primary school. On Thursday, with a heady mix of excitement and nerves, our Year 6 girls made their way to the secondary school for their Year 7 Orientation. In addition,  new students for 2019 visited the primary school for their testing on Friday. The Year 5 buddies waited with anticipation to meet their new friends who they had already made some connections with by writing their buddies a letter introducing themselves and telling them all about Loreto.

Sofia from Year 5 wrote to her buddie, Amelia, ‘Just to let you know, Loreto is a very welcoming place so if you make a mistake it won’t really matter. All you have to do is be yourself because everybody else is already taken!’

Below are some Year 6 reflections about the Year 7 Orientation.

“On Thursday, many girls from different schools and from Year 6 at Loreto went to Year 7 Orientation Day. This day was so much fun. I made so many new friends from other schools and from other grades. In the morning, Errin and I walked around, introducing ourselves to new girls. Everyone was so friendly! I definitely loved visiting and meeting our teachers. I am so happy I am in Kendall! I think every girl going into Year 7 2019, is a true Loreto girl. My favourite message I received from the secondary school was: ‘We are all sisters. We are your older sisters and you are our younger sisters. We will love and take care of you.’ “

Lauren Lawer


“I am excited to meet new people and have different teachers for each subject. I am eager to experience the difference from Primary School to High School.”

Chelsea Gleeson


“Personally I think it is a little bit scary as there are so many new girls coming into Year 7. I hope I make lots of new friends and I hope that the new girls feel well adjusted as it’s a big change.”

Phoebe Zammit


” I am excited about the new subjects like Drama and Food Tech.”

Katrina Bolger


” I am excited about meeting the people in my house, my new teachers, becoming more independent and going on Year 7 camp.”

 Neve Tierney


“We started off the day by meeting in the Curran Theatre, where the teachers told us to do some activities, which tricked us into being less nervous and talking to new people! We did a tour with Year 7s until recess and we got shown around the school and where everything is. It was an amazing opportunity to get to know what high school is like and to also meet new girls. All the teachers were so nice and I loved meeting the Head of House and all the different  Leaders of the High School who we would be looking up to next year.  I also enjoyed listening to the leaders perform a brilliant rap about high school. The day was topped off with lunch followed by lots of dancing, singing and new friendships beginning to form.”

Ally Parington, Errin Conlin and Alexis De Zotti


NCSS Challenge

The NCSS Challenge is run for students by the Australian Computing Academy and the University of Sydney. Each week for five weeks, a set of Python teaching resources are distributed to participants together with a set of questions testing this material. Participants submit their solutions to the website where they are automatically marked.

Congratulations to the following students and to Mr Phil Henville for the great support he has been to the girls.

Rose Cunningham Lauren Lawer Abbey Timmins
Tara Gambrill Emma O’Brien Rachel Walsh
Ruby Harrison Lucy McKenna Phoebe Zammit
Zoe Henville Kayla McKeown  


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary