Primary School News

Primary School News

We all have the duty to do good.

Pope Francis

Frangipani Fair Market

The day finally arrived! The girls have been working so hard to ensure that their products were ready for our Frangipani Fair Market today. The stalls were bursting with products and the girls had planned many ways to draw customers to their stalls. The weather was beautiful and we had many students, staff and parents visit the market purchasing the wonderful products the girls have creatively worked on. We have been so impressed by the planning, organisation and team work displayed by the girls to reach the term long goal of a market day.  The benefits of this program are far reaching and have taught the girls some valuable lessons that will hold them in good stead for life. The monies raised from the market day will go towards ‘Buy a Bale’ in support of our farmers. Thank you to  students, staff, parents and the Loreto community for supporting this worthy cause.


IPSHA debating

On Thursday 13 September, eight Year 6 students from the Primary Debating Club travelled to PLC Sydney for the IPSHA Gala Debating Day. Our two debating teams each had a chance to participate in a debate, as well as watch a debate occur between another pair of teams. The girls really benefited from the day, being able to experience the formal debating process and getting feedback on their debating efforts. Below are the teams’ reflections of the day.

“Our topic was: ‘Only One Car Should Be Allowed Per Household’. We were the negative team. Sitting down, we were full of nerves, awaiting the minute we had to get up and speak. Our arguments consisted of: the inconvenience it causes, loss of jobs within the car industry, how it impacts the environment exactly the same, mental effects, as well as the increase of housing and public transport prices. Finally, once we had finished our speeches and the debate was over, we could all feel the nerves and pressure lift off our shoulders. The results were in and… unfortunately the debate had gone to the affirmative team. The adjudicator gave us some great feedback about what we did well and what we could work on. She told us that we should prioritise our points and introduce our points in a stronger way. Even though we may have lost we all agree that we loved doing it. We had a great experience and can’t wait until we get another chance to debate again.”

Lucy Harrison, Tahlia Moses, Zoe Henville and Laura Nutt

“Our team’s topic was: ‘McDonald’s Should Be Shut Down’ and the opposition team was from PLC Sydney. We argued that McDonalds is a contributor to the pollution problem with its use of plastic, that their unhealthy food leads to obesity, and that they use artificial enhancements to make their food look yummier. Unfortunately we didn’t win, but we had a very fun experience debating against such a challenging team. After the debate finished, our adjudicator approached us to give us some feedback. He said that our points were strong but we needed to specify why exactly McDonalds should be shut down and not other fast food companies. We would like to thank Miss Ball and Mrs Butterfield for accompanying us on our debating excursion. We loved this great, learning-filled opportunity!”

Phoebe Zammit, Chelsea Earle, Alexis De Zotti, Ivana Antony


Congratulations to Lucia Van Der Heiden, Emily Paterson and Sofia Storgato for representing Loreto admirably at the CIS Athletics Carnival yesterday. Lucia came first in the high jump, Emily Paterson came 15th in discus and 10th in high jump and Sofia Storgato came 10th in the 200 metres. A wonderful achievement from all three girls!


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary