Primary School News

Primary School News

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The Vege Pods have arrived and the gardening gloves are on! The Primary School Kitchen Garden has begun.

The girls began the process of potting, planting and watering with gusto. To start, we have planted tomatoes, parsley, basil, chives and lettuce. If you have a green thumb and would be willing to come and support the girls in our Kitchen Garden, we would welcome your support. Please email the Primary School if you are able to lend a hand.


Year 5

Year 5 have started their integrated unit for this term. They are combining different subject areas to be taught under a central focus of animal survival. The integrated unit will be a learning journey for the entire term. With the Science Fair in Week 7, parents and carers will be able to see students’ progress in the unit as they develop their information processing skills and ability to organise their ideas.

By teaching cross curriculum content, students are able to engage in learning experiences that aid in creating connections to prior knowledge. These learning experiences provide rich and relevant opportunities for students to develop their knowledge and skills in multiple areas of learning. It is our hope, that over this term, the students engage in the unit and gain transferable skills in the different subject matters. The emphasis is on developing skills rather than content knowledge so they can apply these techniques when engaging as a 21st Century learner. Here are some responses from the girls in 5I regarding their learning:

“We have learned about conservation status. Conservation status is the position or status the animals are in. There are seven types of conservation status. They are least concerned, near threatened, vulnerable species, endangered species, critically endangered, extinct in the wild and extinct. I can’t wait until we learn more about how animals adapt to their homes and the ecosystems they live in.” – Sofia Storgato

“In our Integrated unit we have Mathematics, Science, Geography and English all rolled into one. I have learnt that there are many types of eco-systems. These eco-systems help animals and plant species survive and they include food chains. Food chains are systems that have all different types of animal and plant species that play a special role in helping the food chain go around. I have also learnt that there are hundreds of little eco-systems in each habitat from the smallest mouse to the biggest lion. I have had so much fun learning about animal survival and I can’t wait to learn more.” – Jacqueline  McDonald


Congratulations to the following girls for their excellent results in the recent ICAS Competitions:





Grace Parker, Y5 Rose Cunningham, Y5 Madeleine Grindon-Ekins, Y5
Sarah Zammit, Y5 Lucy McKenna, Y5 Sofia Palermo, Y5
  Josephine Egan, Y6  
  Chiara Leonardi, Y6  
  Abbey Timmins, Y5  


Digital Technologies




Rosemary O’Brien, Y5 Elina Degani, Y5 Rose Cunningham, Y5
  Grace Parker, Y5 Sofia Palermo, Y5
  Abbey Timmins, Y5 Ruby Harrison, Y5
  Charlotte Marks, Y6  
  Tahlia Moses, Y6  


Book Week 2018

This year the theme is:



Children’s author/illustrator, Daniel Gray-Barnett will be visiting our school on Thursday 16 August. Daniel will share his creative talents and skills during workshops with each class.  His book Grandma Z can be ordered beforehand and can be signed on the day.


Our parade will be held on Friday 17 August in the Primary School Learning Common at 9.00am. Students are to dress as a character from their favourite book and come to school in their outfit. They may stay in their costume for the rest of the day.


Colouring-in entries will be distributed during Library lessons this week and completed entries are to be handed in by Thursday (Week 5). 


All Premier’s Reading Challenge entries are to be submitted online before Friday 31st August (Week 7).  You will need to log onto the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge website using your PRC usernames and passwords.  Please contact me if you need any assistance.

Mrs Caroline Walton

Teacher Librarian



Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary