Primary School News

Primary School News

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

 Mother Teresa


Did you know that the floral emblem for the Primary School is the frangipani?  At the entrance to the Primary School is our frangipani tree that is in full bloom in the summer months. With our Market Day fast approaching we asked the girls to think of a name that embodied who we are at Loreto Normanhurst. The final three entries were, the Teresa Ball Stalls, the Frangipani Fair and From Loreto with Love. The decision was unanimous, so this week saw the newly named ‘Frangipani Fair’ kick off. The Year 6 leaders shared their entrepreneurial experience and wisdom from last year and imparted some very handy tips to Year 5. The girls have been placed in House groups of three from across Years 5 and 6 and were delighted to share their initial ideas.

The Frangipani Fair Market Day will take place on Friday 14 September in the Primary School Quad so save the date as it certainly is a day not to be missed.


Leadership Luncheon

“On Wednesday at lunchtime the Semester 1 and 2 leaders went to a Leadership Picnic to discuss the qualities, skills and duties of a leader with Mrs Dwyer. The new leaders had the opportunity to ask Mrs Dwyer and the previous leaders any questions about our new leadership role. We were then joined by the high school leaders who shared with us the qualities and duties we must have as a new leader. We want to thank the high school leaders for coming down and giving us great advice for our leadership journey. It was a wonderful experience and we definitely learnt more about being a good leader from this opportunity.”


Errin Conlin (Year 6) Dorothea House Leader and Chelsea Gleeson (Year 6) Primary School Leader


Ministers visit Loreto and Testing Tensile Strength

Some very special visitors from Federal and State Parliament came to Loreto Normanhurst yesterday to speak with staff and students and visit some lessons to learn more about the Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model (LNSGM). The Ministers visited the Primary School during ‘See Think Wonder’. The girls were given a team challenge that involved testing tensile strength. Their challenge was to construct a working crane from three sheets of A4 paper, a metre of sewing cotton, a paper clip, 20cm of strong thread and some sticky tape. The crane had to be at least 25cm high and strong enough to haul a 50 gram weight off the table, 10cm above the desk.  As the girls worked through their design process, they made many modifications to their initial designs but were all able to meet the challenge. In the words of one student, “It was a really fun activity where we were able to challenge our minds, even if we did have a few ‘crunchy eyebrow’ moments.”


Book Week

The countdown to Book Week is on. This year the theme is, ‘Find Your Treasure.’ Our highly anticipated Book Week Parade will be held on Friday 17 August  from 9.00-10.00am in the Primary School  Learning Common. The girls will dress as a character from a favourite book and are to come to school in their outfit. They can remain in their costume for the remainder of the day. Children’s author, Daniel Gray-Barnett will be visiting our school on Thursday 16 August and books can be ordered beforehand to be signed on the day. All families and friends are welcome to attend.


Two of our Year 6 girls realised some wonderful sporting achievements over the last week.

Neve Tierney competed at the All Schools NSW Cross Country and placed 26th. A wonderful achievement. Abbie Maley was selected for the CIS Netball Team and they played 13 games and won 9, placing 5th overall. Abbie was also chosen as the co-captain and had the responsibility of marching in with the banner and pledging the oath on behalf of all the players. Congratulations girls!


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary