Primary School News

Primary School News

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.



On Tuesday evening parents were welcomed to the Gonzaga Barry Centre for the Primary School Parent Welcome Dinner where we enjoyed  delicious food, kindly prepared by Chartwells. This was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and form those close connections that will only strengthen as the years progress. A lot of laughter and conversation ensued and it was wonderful to hear how well the girls have settled in and are enjoying their time in the Primary School. It is an absolute pleasure to work with your girls every day. Thank you to Ms Barbara Watkins, Ms Marina Ugonotti, the Leadership Team, Ms Grace Paraino, Ms Lauren Kirkby, the maintenance team, Mr Roberto Jorquera and the wonderful Primary School team for their attendance on this very special night.

The countdown to the Loreto Normanhurst Music Festival is on. Just a reminder that the girls need to be at school by 8.15am on Wednesday 28 March and make their way straight to the Primary School Quad. The bus will leave at 8.30am sharp. After the rehearsal, the girls will be dismissed at 12.35pm. The canteen will be closed so please bring recess and a hat as we will be eating at Tumbalong Park. The afternoon arrangements are as follows:

  • Please pick up your daughter at 12.35pm from the Slip Road or park in the Oval Carpark and walk to the Mary Ward Quad to collect your daughter.
  • Private bus services for students currently using this service will arrive at 12.35pm.
  • OSH Club will be available if you are unable to collect your daughter at this time.
  • If you are collecting your daughter from the ICC at 11.30am please see the class teacher to mark her name off before leaving with your daughter.
  • All students are to return in full uniform (summer dress, blazer, polished shoes, white ribbon in hair) to the ICC, Sydney Theatre by 6.00pm.

A beautiful sundrenched day allowed the Primary School Cross Country to go ahead last Friday. As the girls weaved their way around the track it was wonderful to witness the support, enthusiasm and team spirit displayed by the girls. Congratulations to all participants and many thanks to the parents for attending and Mrs Jasmine Palmer and the Sports Department for coordinating such a successful event.

The results were as follows:

10 Years

1 Kate  Gilsenan Clare 2km
2 Lily  Carolan Benedicta 2km
3 Naomi Weaver Benedicta 2km


11 Years

1 Aoife Berry Dorothea 3km
2 Stephanie Wilkins Dorothea 3km
3 Hannah Guvlekjian Benedicta 3km


12/13 Years

1 Neve Tierney Benedicta 3km
2 Abbie Maley Clare 3km
3 Isabella Lynch Benedicta 3km


Champion House

Joint winners – Clare and Benedicta


Spirit Cup



In our commitment to promoting an ecology-centred school, the Primary girls were invited by Mrs Cranfield, Ecology Coordinator and Science teacher to become Eco Warriors and brainstorm ideas to lead the Primary School in marking Earth Hour this afternoon. After brainstorming a number of ideas, this is what the girls decided:

  • Waste free packaging in lunch boxes
  • Green ribbons in hair
  • Board games in the learning common using natural light


Year 6 Excursion to the Brasserie Bread Company

On Tuesday Year 6 students visited the Brasserie Bread Company.  This excursion was to support the learning taking place in this term’s Science program. The girls have been investigating yeast, a micro-organism, and its role in the bread-making process. Here are some of their reflections from the day:

“It was a very interesting and educational day. There were lots of fun and exciting things such as when the presenter, Mike, baked with us he threw the dough to make the pizza and the sourdough bread in the air. It was very nice to learn how they make their bread and it was awesome to hang out with friends and the grade to get to know them since it was my first excursion at Loreto Normanhurst.” –   Ivana Antony

“I loved learning about how to preserve yeast and help it stay ‘alive’. I found it really fascinating that in order to get the yeast most of us use, which looks like sand, first it has to be dehydrated and then crushed from its original fresh form. The fresh, hydrated yeast feels like playdough and smells like Vegemite. I found it amazing how the 23-year-old batter for sourdough was still fresh and alive, after being taken to make bread with new yeast added each day.” –   Lauren Lawer

“My favourite part about the trip to the bakery was making the products: flattening the dough and sprinkling it with cinnamon and brown sugar to make sweet scrolls and also making the pizza. It was a fantastic excursion.” – Ava Basic

“My favourite bit was when the presenters (Mike, Anthony and John) were talking to us about how wheat is grown, about the different types of bread and how they are made using a long but healthy process instead of the fast way. Also getting to make the bread was very interactive and fun. My family enjoyed tasting what we brought home too!” – Molly-Rose Gibbs

“I learnt about how yeast is a micro-organism and I loved when they told us about how all their farming practices are environmentally safe and friendly. The excursion was really enjoyable and all the people there were so nice and really helpful. I also loved making pizzas and cinnamon scrolls!” – Ally Parrington

“Going to the Brassiere Bread Company was fantastic. It educated me in so many ways. I loved how we had fun while also learning something. For example, we learnt how to make pizza and cinnamon scrolls. This was one of the best excursions yet. My pizza and scrolls tasted so good that I realised I was a great chef – mind blowing!” – Alexis De Zotti


We look forward to seeing parents on Monday evening for a night of mathematical thinking.

Please see the  OSH Club Vacation Care Brochure  here.

It has been a very full and rewarding term. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our parents and hard-working staff for their support this term. In the meantime, I wish you all a blessed Easter and God’s blessing for a safe and happy holiday.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary