Primary School News

The World offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.

 Pope Benedict XVI


I am delighted to report that Open Day was a resounding success. We received glowing feedback from our many visitors and members of our community, who took the opportunity to visit the school, get a sense of learning in action and watch a range of presentations. So many parents commented on the Years 5 and 6 tour guides reporting that they were confident, well presented, articulate and displayed authentic pride in their school. Thank you to our staff and students who did a great job in showcasing the school.


Year 6 Leadership Day

As Year 6 leaders, we attended a day on leadership at Our Lady of the Rosary, Waitara. All the student leaders in the Broken Bay Diocese were there and we were addressed by Bishop Peter Comensoli.

Bishop Peter spoke to us about how we are a gift from God and that we have been made in his image. He reminded us that when we look at each other we get a hint of what Jesus would look like. He also told us that we are made in God’s image and need to live a life of faith.

At the end of Bishop Peter’s talk we were allowed to ask him questions. Some of the questions were;

What is your favourite part of being a Bishop? What is fun about your job? How have you coped when being overwhelmed as a leader? Do you meet with other church leaders?

When answering these questions, Bishop Peter offered us advice about being a leader. He said that being a leader is fun, but it is a big responsibility at times so it is important to make sure we look after our minds and bodies. He does jigsaw puzzles when he needs to give his mind a rest. He also said to help each other as leaders by recognising our strengths and weaknesses and giving support when needed. As leaders we need to be willing and open and always act with humility.

He left us with this quote to think about from Pope Benedict XVI:  “The World offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.”

From the Year 6 Leaders


Following their time with  Bishop  Peter,  the students then  moved into a Leadership Liturgy led by Father Robert Borg who told them that as leaders, the small things they do matter.  He also spoke to the girls about the need to be servant leaders and how this starts in the home by helping their families; then at school by helping their  friends and teachers; and finally the community who they can help through supporting Project Compassion during this time of Lent.

Below are some reflections from the students about their experience and what they enjoyed:

“…it was nice to meet with student leaders from other schools. Bishop Peter’s talk was interesting.”   Neve Tierney

“I enjoyed singing the songs at the Liturgy.”   Abbie Maley

“…reflecting on being a leader and reminding myself of the responsibilities I have to undertake as a leader.”   Alexis De Zotti

“…seeing everybody from different schools and playing a game of clumps.”   Lucy Harrison

“I found it amazing that I could meet the Bishop and other school leaders in the Broken Bay Diocese. I appreciated the opportunity.”   Tahlia Moses

“…learning lots of new things about being a leader and meeting students from other schools.”   Zoe Henville

“…meeting up with students from my old school and learning about their journeys through leadership.”  Kayla McKeown

“I really enjoyed meeting new people and hearing what the Bishop had to say about Leadership.”   Jessica Roche


We look forward to the Primary Parent Dinner next Tuesday evening. We hope to see you there.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary

News from the Primary School Library

We’ve had an exciting start to the year – beginning with the launch of the Loreto Reading Challenge earlier in the term, the commencement of the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge last week, followed by our author and illustrator visit this week.

The students were treated to a wonderful display of storytelling skills by the highly accomplished Australian children’s author Kate Forsyth. Kate enchanted the audience with her tales of mystery, drama and suspense.  She also inspired the girls to unleash their imaginations in their own writing.

The illustrator and photographic artist, Lorena Carrington, also displayed her creative talent by sharing some of the artistic techniques used in her collaboration to produce Vasilisa the Wise & Other Tales of Brave Young Women.

NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge

Last week marked the official commencement of the Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC).  All Year 6 students have been allocated the same usernames and passwords as last year.  Year 5 students have been assigned new usernames and passwords for Loreto Normanhurst which they will receive by email.

The PRC encourages students to explore a wide variety of literature and has a very extensive reading list.  This can be accessed here.  The students will be also given PRC reading logs to record all the books  they complete.  Students have until Friday 31 August to complete the challenge.

So far we have five students who have already completed the challenge.  Congratulations to these girls: Errin Conlin, Francesca Byrne-Fister, Alexis De Zotti, Alexandra Parington and Eve Foster. We are aiming to improve on our 90% completion rate in the Primary School last year.  Can we make it 100% in 2018?

Information Literacy Skills

Our focus in library lessons this term has been on the Information Search Process and helping  students become familiar with the range of databases that are available through our Loreto Normanhurst Library catalogue.  Students have also been developing their research skills using World Book Online.

Happy reading and researching.


Mrs Caroline Walton

Teacher Librarian