Primary School News

Primary School News

And now we welcome the New Year, full of things that have never been.

Rainer Maria Rilke


Research by John Hattie states that the greatest factor for student learning is the quality of the teacher and the relationship between the teacher and student. At Loreto Normanhurst, this special bond creates an immediate sense of belonging and connectedness with  teachers and the wider community.

Currently in the Primary School, our focus is on building relationships. Using the proven ‘Bounce Back’ program, the girls will explicitly learn about making positive choices, displaying empathy towards others, being able to work as part of a team and having resilience, and the ability to bounce back when things become difficult.

Next week we will continue this important work in the beautiful surrounds of Broken Bay. This will be an exciting time for Years 5 and 6, enjoying two fun-filled days of outdoor and team activities in their House groups. We are greatly looking forward to sharing in this wonderful experience with the girls.

Dr Tom Nehmy is an award-winning psychologist who is an expert in the resilience, wellbeing and mental health of children and adolescents.  On Monday 12 February, Dr Nehmy will be presenting an evening for parents from 7.00pm-8.30pm in the Curran Theatre. His presentation will focus on, ‘Securing your Daughter’s Future: The Keys of Wellbeing, Mental Health & Peak Performance.’ He currently works with school students, parents, teachers and counsellors to help school communities build psychological skills for mental health, wellbeing and resilience. Dr Nehmy is an accredited training supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia. This is an opportunity not to be missed.


Week 2 Reflections from Year 5

“The night before my first day at Loreto I was rushing around trying to get everything into my bag and pencil case.  I was so excited and nervous.  When I finally arrived the next morning it was really fun because I got to see all my friends I met at orientation.  It was also great to see where my classroom was and my locker.  I have now experienced one whole week at Loreto and it is going so fast.  I am looking forward to camp next week, and Chinese lessons.”

Tara Gambrill 5A


“My first week at school was interesting, nerve-racking but also exhilarating. We have done lots of fun stuff on the iPads and have gone to most of our specialist lessons.  The school is massive and sometimes I worry I’ll get lost.  Last Friday we had a whole school Eucharist in the Gym.  I could not believe how many people go this school! I am really looking forward to the Music Festival and Loreto Day.  Everyone says they are so much fun.”

Mariana Daly 5A


“When I got on the bus for the first day I couldn’t believe I was actually a Loreto Girl.  I kept thinking it was Orientation Day. When I got to school I quickly made friends and settled in.  The school is so different than my other school.  I love learning about the Mary Ward story and the  school’s values.  I was excited to get my very own locker.  I can’t wait to decorate the inside with photos, stickers and my own finishing touch.  I really love how the school has so many plants and trees.  It’s so lovely being with nature.”

Elina Degani 5A




Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary