Primary School News

Primary School News

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

John Holmes


Last Friday, the Primary School witnessed an amazing array of skill and ability during the finals of Loreto’s Got Talent. Congratulations to all the girls who auditioned and displayed their enthusiasm and courage.

There were 11 finalists whose acts ranged from singing, instrumental pieces, dancing and acting. It was an extremely difficult decision for the judges but in the end Tahlia Moses, Phoebe Zammit & Lucia Van Der Heiden placed third with an energetic acrobatics and jazz routine; Alex O’Brien placed second in an amazing dramatisation of the two sides of Gollum from Lord of the Rings; and Gabrielle Milkins took out first place with a dynamic and absolutely sensational drumming piece to Time is Running Out by Muse. Thank you to Miss Ashton and Miss Scoines for judging, and to Ms Watkins, Ms Ugonotti and parents for your attendance.


2017 Vinnies Christmas Hamper Appeal

We have a proud tradition of giving generously to the Vinnies Christmas Hamper Appeal and we expect this year will be even better than last year. The collection will run until Wednesday 6 December, Week 9.

With 2.2 million people currently living below the poverty line in Australia including over half a million children, your donation allows the St Vincent de Paul Society to provide more than immediate help, it provides something much more valuable- the opportunity for a better life.

We urge you to give generously to your class hampers. Ask yourself, ‘how does your family celebrate Christmas or a special occasion? What would you like to receive if you needed help during what should be a time of great joy and celebration?’

By giving a gift to the appeal, you are helping to make wishes come true for families in need this Christmas. Thank you for your support.


Year 6 celebrations

We are looking forward to welcoming Year 6 families to the Year 6 Final Liturgy, Assembly and lunch next Friday. It will be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your beautiful daughters and their time in the Primary School before they transition to the Senior School.


Sydney Metro

On Thursday morning Mrs Grima, a Sydney Metro worker and Loreto mum came to talk to Year 5 about the Sydney Metro Project as we are learning about it in class. She told us about the trains and how they function. They will be building 31 new stations and each have their own unique colour. There is also a sky-train being built over Windsor Road so it won’t affect the road and traffic. It will be the only sky-train in Australia. Mrs Grima’s job for the project is to tell the public about what they are building and the process of the project and that they are okay with it.

We would like to thank Mrs Grima for taking time out of her day to come and speak to us about the Sydney Metro!


Chelsea Gleeson, Alexis De Zotti, Natalia Barrone, Eleanor Low

Year 5


In the news!

The Primary School have been featured in the Hornsby Advocate newspaper about their involvement in the competition to name a NorthConnex Surface Miner machine. Tahlia Moses, Year 5, won the competition by naming the machine after Turia Pitt, an exceptional woman who has contributed to the Australian mining industry. An exciting achievement for the Primary School!


OSH Club Holiday Program

Bookings are now open for the OSH Club Holiday Program. Please click here for further information.

To book the dates you require please log into your account at


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary