Primary School News

Primary School News

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.

J.M Barrie


The Primary School Swimming Carnival was an exciting day with great participation, incredible swimming, rousing war cries and wonderful House spirit. It was also a time for student leadership and it was pleasing to see our House Leaders performing in their roles so capably. Thank you to Mr Mulroney, the Sports Department, teachers and parents for their invaluable support.

The overall House Cup and the Spirit Cup was won by Dorothea. The 10 years Age champion was Jessica Roche, the 11 years Age Champion was Zoe Clubb and the 12 years Age Champion was Maddison Hinds.  The hotly contested 100m invitational between the fastest eight swimmers in the Primary school  thrashed it out with Zoe Clubb narrowly taking first place and the title of ‘Queen of the Pool’.    Congratulations girls.


Over the past two weeks the Primary School has witnessed an amazing array of skill and ability during the heats and semi-finals of Loreto’s Got Talent.

The finalists are as follows:

  • Monica Teng 
  • Zoe Clubb, Zara Trovato & Jemma Vaughn
  • Saskia Chapman
  • Laura Nutt
  • Grace Sukari & Lilya Ragg
  • Gabrielle Milkins
  • Elyse Stephens & Edie Tassell
  • Tahlia Moses, Phoebe Zammit & Lucia Van Der Heiden
  • Alex O’Brien
  • Annabelle Hartley & Abbie Maley
  • Francesca Byrne-Fister

Good luck girls!



We have had some wonderful experiences and have learned so much at NorthConnex. Interestingly, we discovered that the Patron Saint of tunneling, mining and lightning is St Barbara! Here’s what the girls had to say:

“This week Year 5 went to the NorthConnex Project in Thornleigh, The Trelawney Site. We learnt all about the tunnel which is 63m deep and we learnt about all the machinery including the dump truck, the conveyor belt, the road header and the shotcrete. We loved looking down into the tunnel and watching the builders work – they work really hard. We also had fun hearing and watching a presentation by one of the builders and it explained all about the project including their safety, PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), cap lights, emergencies and the development of the project. We really enjoyed learning about the project and the purpose of it.  

The project is to link the M1 to the M2 so that they can take trucks off Pennant Hills Road for the community’s safety. The engineers work 12 hours for 7 days and 12 hours for 7 nights.

We learnt so much and loved the experience of this amazing project! Thanks to Mrs Byrne, Mrs De Zotti, Mr Henville and Mrs Hartley for giving up their day to come with us.”

Ally Parington, Neve Tierney and Holly Gibbons, 5R


“When we went to NorthConnex we did so many fun things including, going on a tour, learning about the safety equipment and the uniform. We went to see a presentation and learnt about a Self-Rescuer. A Self-Rescuer is a machine that provides you with hours of air if something goes wrong in the tunnel. When we went on the tour, we had to wear lots of safety equipment like hard hats and fluorescent vests. We went into the acoustic shed, which is where they keep spoil (crushed rock) and where the entrance to the tunnel is. From where we were standing to look down to the tunnel, it was a 60 metre drop. It was really fun visiting NorthConnex and I hope I can go down there when it’s finished.”

Annelyse Seymour, 5A



Let the creativity shine while learning Chinese

During Term 3, the Year 5 girls completed the Blue and White decorative art project as a part of their Chinese learning unit: eating and drinking. In China, blue and white porcelain was the most influential and widely used porcelain before industrialisation in China. More importantly, the delicate blue and white porcelain is considered to be representative of the Chinese nation’s aesthetic ideal. Through this art project, students cultivated their curiosity about the traditional Chinese aesthetic ideal, discovering the beauty of Chinese art as well as enriching their understanding of the eating and drinking culture in China. Students let their creativity shine in this art project and they were proud of what they had created. The Year 5 exhibition of Chinese Blue and White Decorative Design is currently on display in the Primary School Learning Common.

In love with the Classic Chinese Poetry

This term, Year 5 girls were exposed to classic Chinese poetry for the first time. They have learned one of the most famous and memorable Chinese poems, Quiet Night Thought(靜夜思 Jìng Yè Sī – traditional script), which was written by the renowned Tang dynasty poet Libai (李白 ). This poem was introduced to the girls as a part of their Chinese culture study unit: Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as the Moon Festival) as the poem alludes to the August moon. Through this unique learning experience, students discovered this Chinese poem’s relative simplicity and the effective use of imagery to provoke Chinese family values.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary