Primary School News

Primary School News

‘Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye. ‘

Helen Keller

There was much excitement in the Primary School last week as our Year 5 students prepared to meet the newest members of the Primary School for Years 5 and Year 6 in 2018.

We began the day in the Learning Common where the girls and their families met the Primary teachers and the Leadership Team. The girls, with their orientation buddies, played some getting to know each other games and explored the school on a treasure hunt. Our current Year 5 girls showed such pride as they walked the girls around the school and talked about what they had learnt this year. We had a lovely morning tea with our new families, where connections and new friendships began to take shape. After building towers made of nothing more than straws and sticky tape and playing some games in the gymnasium, it was time to say goodbye until next year. A great day was had by all.  


NorthConnex Engineers come to the Primary School

Year 5 were fortunate to listen to Rebecca Grant and Casey Lu who are engineers from the NorthConnex Project. Rebecca and Casey spoke to the girls about what their jobs involve and importantly talked about what it means to them to be female leaders in their fields. They were both passionate advocates for creating female engineers of the future.

The girls were given a brief overview of what the NorthConnex project is and why and how it is being built. The girls looked at models of the different type of machinery used to create the tunnels and were able to pass around a road header pick. Rebecca spoke to the girls about the possible impacts building a tunnel could have on the environment and how they protect local plants, animals and water ways and try to minimise vibration and noise for the local residents.  We are very grateful to Rebecca and Casey for giving up their time and to Anne Learmonth who is the Community Relations Manager at NorthConnex for making this possible.


Tech Angels visit 3M Australia

“On Wednesday, the Tech Angels were lucky enough to go to 3M Australia, where we were shown a variety of products they crafted. Not just Post It notes or hooks, but a whole range of incredible inventions that we didn’t even know existed. Inside we saw many diverse products like ceramic materials and outdoor mounting tape that could hold glass to a building even when it was jumped up and down on. We saw so many products that influence our lives every day, even though we didn’t know it. We saw what the products looked like under a microscope, and saw how much precision and effort went in to making them. We heard about some of the future products that we’re not allowed to say anything about, which may be the future of Australia. We all really enjoyed the enlightening experience that let us interact with materials, and we can’t wait to go again. They say that every two metres, you will see at least one 3M product. The trip was truly amazing and I greatly enjoyed it.”

Edie Tassell, 6H 


“On Wednesday, the Primary School Tech Angels went to 3M where we learnt all about the secrets of 3M and that everywhere you look, there will be something that 3M has helped to make. We first went to the Innovation Centre where some of their products were displayed and we were able to try out and use. Once we had finished the exhibition we  all came together and thanked the engineers and people who took us around and asked some questions. We also got to look at their idea wall where all of the ideas that were successful were on display. We would like to thank Miss Hislop and Mr Crawford for accompanying us.”

Jessica Lenehan, 5A


Physical Education – ‘Swing into it’

‘Swing into it’ is the Physical Education curriculum theme during Term 4. The aim is to develop the elements of movement composition, locomotive and non-locomotive skills through the mediums of Social Dance and Rhythmic Gymnastics. A focus of the term is providing opportunities for students to work collaboratively in learning groups to achieve movement goals.

Year 5 Rhythmic Gymnastics

Year 5 girls are participating in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Skills learned will develop coordination and balance to acquire specific gymnastics skills. An added level of difficulty is included with the use of apparatus such as ribbon, ball and hoop. The process of developing routines and performing encourages the natural curiosity of students, as part of the movement exploration process.

Year 6 Social Dance

Year 6 girls will learn the key skills and steps in a range of social dances. In groups, they will develop and perform their own dance sequence to express themselves through movement and develop confidence in performing. Concepts such as space, levels, time and rhythm are explored to increase quality of movement. The Social Dance unit will provide opportunities for personal expression and enjoyment.


Ms Melanie Mayer

PDHPE Teacher


Congratulations to Tahlia Moses, Grace Sukari and Zoe Henville who took part in the IPSHA Speaker’s Challenge yesterday at St Andrew’s Cathedral School. The challenge was in two rounds starting with a prepared speech entitled, ‘The best things in life are free.’ Tahlia Moses made it through to the next round, where she had 10 minutes to compose a speech on her biggest fear. All the girls spoke beautifully on the day. Thank you to Mrs O’Dwyer and Miss Ball for preparing the girls.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary