Primary School News

Primary School News

Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.

Mother Teresa


The Primary School has been a hive of activity this week, beginning with the Principal’s Spelling Bee. As the 30 finalists took their seats there was great excitement and a few nerves. The girls attempted word after word as the audience cheered them on. The final four spellers: Pavarisa Wen, Elyse Stephens, Sam Rajesh and Amy Saad competed round after round. Amy and Sam tied for third place and Pavarisa and Elyse became the final two. In the final result, Elyse Stephens was awarded second place with Pavarisa Wen winning the title of Best Speller in the Primary School for 2017.

Many thanks to the parents who attended, as well as to our Principal, Ms Barbara Watkins, and Ms Kieryn Bateman, Director of Learning (and our well-spoken pronouncer!). Thanks also to the teachers for supporting the girls through this process and encouraging them to become passionate about words.

Last Monday the Primary School COLA was transformed into a sea of pink as we hosted the Pink Ribbon Fundraiser. It was attended by many parents who enjoyed pink cupcakes and a cup of tea. Our Primary leaders sold merchandise and collected very generous donations. Our cake stall in the high school playground was greatly enjoyed by the high school girls and many teachers who snapped up some delicious treats. Our grateful thanks to everyone for supporting this worthy cause. Particular thanks to Katrina Leonardi, Jo West, Majella Egan and Emma Maley who offered their support on the day in organising the cake stall. We raised over $1000 which will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


The Naming Ceremony for the Surface Miner

The day had finally come. We were going to NorthConnex to name the Surface Miner. When we first arrived we had to go into a room and have safety training and put on our protective gear by an engineer named Hannah. On our way we saw lots and lots of machinery and they were explaining all the different processes along the way. 

Once we finally reached the big tunnel where the Surface Miner was located, the manager of the project made a speech, then the man from the company who built and provided the surface miner also made a speech. It was interesting when he said everybody doubted them, saying it won’t work. This is the first time a surface miner is being used for a tunnel. They were relieved when it did work and proved the doubters wrong. It is important because it is a much quieter way of building the tunnel with a lot less vibration compared to the older methods. This is important for the environment and the neighbours.

We took photos and then Tahlia presented her speech. Hannah was then taken down to the Surface Miner with the naming stickers, while we stayed at the top. We chose where the two naming labels had to go on the actual surface miner. It was so cool. We were saying where to put them and we were giving our instructions using walkie talkies to Hannah below. It was also very special because they said we are making history and in the future we can tell our children that we were in the tunnel when they were building it and we named the surface miner! We then asked Hannah if it got hot down there and she replied with saying it was 90% humidity. The shaft nearer to Beecroft is 90 metres below ground level being the highest one! Overall it was an amazing day!


Tahlia Moses and Charli Middleton

Year 5


News From the Primary School Library


Premier’s Reading Challenge 2017

Congratulations to all the students who completed the Premier’s Reading Challenge this year. The girls will be receiving their certificates next week at Assembly with several receiving special awards for reaching Gold or Platinum levels.


Genevieve Bolster, Maria El Haddad, Mia Hallinan, Ashe O’Kelly and Elizabeth Powell


Ashleigh Chapman, Lara Granelli, Molly Hanly, Charlotte Joseph, Abigail Mayer, Isabella Onsley, Amy Saad, Grace Sukari and Zara Trovato.

The following students have completed the Challenge:

Year 5 – Jessica Anderson, Natalia Barone, Ava Basic, Avery Benbow, Katrina Bolger, Ariana Burgio, Francesca Byrne-Fister, Errin Conlin, Alexis De Zotti, Josephine Egan, Eve Foster, Holly Gibbons, Molly Gibbs, Chelsea Gleeson, Lucy Harrison, Annabelle Hartley, Zoe Henville, Olivia Klostermann, Lucy Knox, Jessica Lenehan, Chiara Leonardi, Tahlia Moses, Laura Nutt, Alexandra Parington, Annelyse Seymour and Neve Tierney.

Year 6 – Amber Buchanan, Emily Burns, Sophie Cabuil, Indianna Cane, Saskia Chapman, Zoe Clubb, Lily Cohen, Rebecca Coulton, Chelsea Dove, Stephanie Fusca, Breanna Harris, Estelle Kyriazis, Abigail Mayer, Gabrielle Milkins, Alex O’Brien, Samiksha Rajesh, Emily Singh, Elyse Stephens, Georgia Tapner, Edie Tassell,  Xin Teng, Jemma Vaughn, Pavarisa Wen and Rebecca Zammit.


Mrs Caroline Walton

Teacher Librarian


Congratulations to Maddie Hinds who recently competed at the Australian Open Short Course National Titles. She came 5th in the 50m breast stroke and 15th in the 50m freestyle. Outstanding results Maddie!

After three years of dedicated service to the Primary School, we bid farewell to Ms Margie Raymond, who has accepted a position in a systemic Catholic School as the Religious Education Coordinator. We thank her for the contribution she has made to the Primary School and wish her well for the future.  We welcome Miss Isobelle Best who comes to us from Newington Prep School and will commence in 2018.

We are looking forward to the Mothers’ & Daughters’ Christmas Creations this Saturday from 2.00pm-4.30pm in the Primary School Cola.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary