Primary School News

Primary School News

Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.

Mother Teresa

On Tuesday evening the Primary School quad was transformed into a veritable who’s who of Australian women who have a made an important contribution to the world. The girls had spent the term researching their eminent person, creating a biography, a bio-riddle and a stall containing information, souvenirs, questions to ask and food that represented their eminent person. The girls were outstanding as they courageously took to the stage, dressed in character to present their bio-riddle, which gave the audience an insight into the lives of these remarkable women.

After reflecting on the evening, Year 6 students wrote:

The Evening of Eminence was a great experience. I went as Nicole Kidman and I learned so much about her through my research. I also enjoyed going to other people’s stalls and seeing their hard work.
Mia Hallinan

The experience of the Evening of Eminence was amazing, all the costumes and boards were fantastic.
Phoebe Locke 

The evening was full of eminent people filling the quad and we were transformed to many different places and times.
Zoe Clubb

I have never experienced such a fun night at school. It was nice to engage with many different people and to learn about so many unique names and faces.
Anna Tilley

People were swarming the quad, I was so excited when the time came to start.
Gabrielle Milkins

I really liked being informed about everybody’s eminent people and also informing other people about Layne Beachley.
Jemma Vaughn

A big thank you to Ms Hislop, Ms Ball and Mrs Walton for supporting the girls on this fascinating learning journey and Ms Watkins, parents and Primary School staff for attending.

Principal’s Spelling Bee

The girls have been working hard to prepare for our annual Principal’s Spelling Bee Finals which will take place next Monday 30 October from 10.00-11.00am in the Learning Common. Parents are warmly welcome to attend the Spelling Bee which will commence after the Pink Ribbon Breakfast. The finalists are as follows:

Alexis De Zotti

Annelyse Seymour

Amy Saad

Abigail Mayer

Chelsea Gleeson

Phoebe Zammit

Jemma Vaughn

Elyse Stephens

Errin Conlin

Josephine Egan

Zoe Clubb

Genevieve Bolster

Katrina Bolger

Jessica Anderson

Mia Hallinan

Indianna Cane

Olivia Klostermann

Charli Middleton

Edie Tassell

Pavarisa Wen

Avery Benbow

Laura Nutt

Anna Tilley

Emily Burns

Natalia Barone

Rhiannon Doyle

Lily Cohen

Breanna Harris

Abbie Maley

Bella Cavill

Samiksha Rajesh

Emily Singh


IPSHA Gala Debating Day

On the 20th of October we went to Barker College to participate in the IPSHA debating competition. It was an amazing experience and we really enjoyed learning and improving our debating skills under the guidance of our amazing mentor, Khushi Arora. When we arrived at Barker, we were welcomed by the studious Barker boys. Our debate was the first round, and we kicked off straight away. Our topic was Social Media is Making Us Less Social and we took the negative side. As a result of our hard work and amazing mentors, we won our debate. We are extremely thankful for the effort put in by Khushi, Mrs Dwyer, Ms Ball and everyone who supported us. We are so grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to participate in more debates!

 Indianna Cane, Lilya Ragg, Becca Zammit and Genevieve Bolster

Eight girls were chosen out of the debating club to go to Barker for the Debating Gala Day. Our team’s topic was: Parents Should Be Punished If Their Child Commits a Crime. We were the affirmative team. We found the day both exciting and challenging. We found the topic very challenging but also very interesting to research. We were very nervous to present our arguments but in the end we found it very enjoyable. We got feedback from the adjudicator and we found it extremely helpful to hear what she had to say to improve our speeches and arguments. The best part of the whole day was getting to debate against our opposition. Overall, it was a great learning experience and we all hope to continue debating in the future. 

Molly Hanly, Amber Buchanan, Lucy Harrison and Olivia Pate



Baby News

Congratulations to Mr Adams and his wife on the birth of a healthy baby boy. Both mother and baby are doing well.


We look forward to seeing parents at our annual Pink Ribbon Breakfast next Monday from 9.30-10.00am. Please support this very worthy cause.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary