Primary School News

Primary School News

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers.

Charles William Eliot


It has been a hive of activity in the Primary school this week and it doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. The excitement of esteemed author Morris Gleitzman, Year 5 debates, Book Week celebrations and Kidpreneur have kept the girls engaged and focused.


Save the date  


The countdown is on for the Kidpreneur market day which will take place on Friday 8 September from 10.30-1.30pm. The girls have been industriously working on their products and have decided to donate all monies raised to The House of Welcome once again.

You will find a plethora of products to purchase ranging from reusable bags by Forever Green, DIY Phone Accessories by DIY Designs, hand and arm massages by Relaxation Corner, Emoji Cookies and lolly cups by OMG Emoji’s and candles by Candle Bright. So spread the word, the Kidpreneurs of today could be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Come down and purchase some of the clever creations knowing that all  funds will be going to such a worthy cause.


News from the Library


Last week we welcomed the acclaimed children’s author Morris Gleitzman. We were mesmerised and entertained by his expertise, generosity and wisdom.  Mr Gleitzman shared a number of expert writing tips as well as his number one secret to creating engaging narratives.  I won’t reveal it here – but to find out just ask one of our Primary School students! Morris demonstrated it for us by reading aloud the opening lines of some of his books.  It was amazing to gain this insight into the techniques of such a masterful writer!

We also had the opportunity to ask some pressing questions such as:

Did the characters, including Felix, Zelda and Genia, remind you of people in your life or close relatives?

Tahlia Moses Yr 5

When you first created the character of Zelda did you plan a happy ending for her?

Jess Anderson Yr 5

Which book are you most proud of writing?

Ally Parington Yr 5

Are you planning to write any more series?

Alexis De Zotti Yr 5

Which author influenced you the most when you were growing up?

Emily Wardell Yr 5

We discovered that both Morris and his character Felix have the same favourite author, Richmal Crompton, a British writer.

The students also had the opportunity to have their books autographed and to engage in some one-on-one conversation with Mr Gleitzman.



Our Book Character Parade is fast-approaching!  It will be held on Friday 1 September in the Primary School Learning Common at 9.15am.  Parents, grandparents and friends are all welcome.



We will be having staff from The Children’s Bookshop, Beecroft, at our Book Week celebration to sell books after the parade.  Books may be purchased or donated to our Primary School Library collection.



Congratulations to all the students who have completed the Premier’s Reading Challenge for 2017.  If you haven’t submitted your entry online yet, you still have until midnight Friday 25 August (that’s tonight!).

The following students have completed the challenge:

Year 5 – Natalia Barone, Ava Basic, Avery Benbow, Katrina Bolger, Ariana Burgio, Errin Conlin, Alexis De Zotti, Josephine Egan, Holly Gibbons, Chelsea Gleeson, Zoe Henville, Olivia Klostermann, Laura Nutt, Alexandra Parington, Annelyse Seymour and Neve Tierney.

Year 6 – Amber Buchanan, Emily Burns, Sophie Cabuil, Indianna Cane, Ashleigh Chapman, Saskia Chapman, Zoe Clubb, Lily Cohen, Chelsea Dove, Maria El Haddad, Stephanie Fusca, Lara Granelli, Mia Hallinan, Molly Hanly, Charlotte Joseph, Estelle Kyriazis, Abigail Mayer, Gabrielle Milkins, Isabella Onsley, Alex O’Brien, Elizabeth Powell, Samiksha Rajesh, Amy Saad, Emily Singh, Elyse Stephens, Grace Sukari, Edie Tassell, Xin Teng, Zara Trovato, Pavarisa Wen and Rebecca Zammit.


Mrs Caroline Walton

Teacher Librarian


Science Week Reflection

Watching the Senior School science performance was an amazing experience. We saw incredible things like objects being frozen in liquid nitrogen, elephant’s toothpaste and a hydrogen peroxide balloon being set on fire. It has inspired many of us to join the Science Club when we go into high school and it definitely sparked an interest in science for many girls. I’m sure not many of us were expecting to see something as amazing as what we saw, or even enjoy watching it. That was what was so amazing about it, that we weren’t expecting such a great show, but we still got one.

Genevieve Bolster


We look forward to seeing families at our Book Week Parade next Friday from 9.00-10.00am in the Learning Common.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary