Primary School News

Primary School News

You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.

 Wayne Gretzky


This quote really resonated with me after attending an Inquisitive Minds Workshop at Manly Vale Public School on Tuesday with 18 Year 5 and 6 students.  It was so pleasing to see so many of the Loreto Primary girls getting out of their comfort zone and really challenging themselves with formidable math’s activities and brain teasers.

Molly from 6B shares her reflection:

“While we were there we learnt different ways to solve the problems we were given. As a warm up we completed an activity called the Knight’s Tour where we were given a grid and told to fill in as many squares as possible while moving in an L shape like a chess piece does. We then competed with our partners in mini competitions where we were given set times to complete math problems. We also competed in a maths relay where we had to solve as many questions as possible in 40 minutes. It was really challenging and taught us all a lot about cooperating as a group and persevering with puzzles. It was such a great opportunity and we all enjoyed this learning experience.”

Molly Hanly 6B


 An update from 6B

“At the beginning of the term, each member of our class set learning goals for the semester. We all needed to create an English and a Mathematics goal. We developed these goals by reading our Semester 1 reports and seeing what we needed to improve on. Our class then chose to display all our goals together as a huge iPhone. Each member of the class has an app with their two goals written inside.”

Emily Singh

“In the Primary School, when the Mathematics period starts, the whole class does some number skills practice and then learn about a specific mathematics concept or skill. We then break off, either individually or in small groups and do complete task card activities. Each task card has a different problem that needs to be solved. This week, Year 6 has been focusing on 2D Space. On Tuesday we were learning about the perimeter and area of circles. We learnt about the diameter and radius of circle and about pi.”

Chelsea Dove

“In Science, Year 6 has been learning about disasters, both man-made and natural. It has been rewarding to get into groups and research different disasters including: Beaconsfield Mine, the Twin Towers, Hurricane Katrina, the Titanic, the Mount Vesuvius eruption and so many more. So far this term, we have had many discussions about different disasters, how they occurred and the after effects. At this time, you can hear everyone’s brain ticking in the classroom. Science is such a fun time and I can’t wait for the next lesson. I’m sure it’s the same with everyone else in my classroom.

Rebecca Coulton

In Geography, Year 6 is learning about the things that influence the connection that we have to different places. We have been looking at what it is about a place that makes it special to us and why some places are important to one person and not another.  In our geography unit we have also been talking about our connections to places in our community as well as places around the world.  It has been wonderful to learn what is important to each other and why. Year 6 have been enriched by learning  about these connections. The smiles and happy faces around the class point to the obvious – that we enjoy and love working on Geography!

Samiksha Rajesh


Mr Jonathan Adams

Acting Head of Primary