Primary School News

Primary School News

‘Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.

Mother Teresa


On Tuesday 13 June we were treated to a wonderful evening of outstanding entertainment. The Public Speaking Competition represented the culmination of a process of devising, refining and rehearsing speeches on topics that have captured the interest, imagination and passion of each of the girls. All our Years 5 and 6 students are to be commended on participating in this process.

We had the pleasure of witnessing thought provoking speeches ranging from the courageous story of the first She-Pirate, the horrible history of King Henry the 8th and a trip down the looking glass into the world of dementia. The adjudicators had a very tough decision but in the end Grace Sukari was awarded 3rd  place, Tahlia Moses 2nd place and the winner was Zoe Henville who spoke to us about the things she would never eat! Thank you to the Primary staff for attending the evening, to the parents for their support and of course the girls for showcasing their skill, inspiration and curiosity.

Last week saw our third visit from Dr Sharon Herkes, a scientist and lecturer in the Physiology Department School of Medical Sciences from Sydney University. Dr Herkes was connected with Loreto Normanhurst through the Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools program run by CSIRO. This partnership program places experienced professionals across a number of fields in contact with primary and secondary schools nation-wide.

Dr Herkes has been working with the Year 5 students since last term with a focus on scientific investigations and scientific endeavour. Dr Herkes was able to bring in a ‘power-lab’ equipment to examine the heart and its conduction of electricity. The students were able to take their own heartrate and learnt  what makes it increase and decrease from a scientific point of view.

The students have thoroughly enjoyed learning and exchanging ideas from Dr Herkes’ areas of expertise and passion for science. The support from this partnership has enabled the Year 5 students to begin working on an amazing array of scientific investigations which will culminate in our Science Fair to be held next term in Week 2.

We would like to thank Dr Herkes for all of the time she has dedicated to our students and their scientific endeavours for future studies in science, mathematics and technology.


Ms Margie Raymond

Primary School Teacher


The Primary School Learning Common was a hive of activity yesterday as students and their teachers from a number of different schools came to take part in a Robo Cup Training day. The President of Robo Cup NSW was in attendance as was MTA who ran the day.

Robo Dance, Robo Soccer and Search and Rescue are events run at RoboCup, which is a competition run by the University of New South Wales every year. The focus of RoboCup is the development of teamwork and technical skills in an environment of participation, fun and excitement. The Robotics Club is preparing to take part in the Dance and Search and Rescue competitions later this year.

Many thanks to Ms Raymond who coordinated and organised the day.


Don’t forget to book your place at the OSH Club Holiday Program. You can  click on the link  here for more information.


Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary