Primary School News

Primary School News

They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Carl W. Buechner


It has been a very busy time in the Primary School of late with lots of exciting events taking place.

Last Friday, Year 5 went to the Sydney Writer’s Festival at the Town Hall and had the opportunity to listen to an array of outstanding authors, including award-winning British author and illustrator, Lauren Child, who spoke about the inspiration for her best-selling series and how she creates her amazing stories and characters. Award-winning author Kate DiCamillo gave students a lesson on the power of perseverance and described her own path to becoming a published author. Kate opened up about how fear kept her from following her dreams for ten years, as well as the countless rejections before she got her first book published. Finally, Matt Stanton, author of Funny Kid for President, invited students to help him create stories and characters, showing them why they have no reason to fear the blank page.


“I enjoyed all the authors in different ways. I enjoyed Lauren Child because she had excellent ways of making the illustrations for her books and I want to have a go sometime. I laughed during Matt Stanton’s presentation because of his humour and the hilarious first chapter of Funny Kid for President. I think that out of all the authors my favourite was Kate DiCamillo. Not only do I love her books such as the The Tale of Winn-Dixie and The Tale of Despereau but I also loved her presentation about her  interesting and sad story of her life. She was very sick and received 473 rejection letters before her first book was published. She is a great example that we should never stop trying. I think that the Sydney Writer’s Festival was an amazing experience.”

Avery Benbow 5R


Year 6 ventured to the North Head Quarantine Station in Manly last week. The station was used from the 1830s to isolate people suspected to be carrying contagious diseases such as Spanish Influenza, Smallpox or Bubonic Plague. This strict quarantine was enforced in the hope that these deadly diseases would not reach the general population in Sydney. 

The girls reflected on their excursion:

“While we were at the Quarantine Station we saw many old buildings full of artefacts that were nearly or already 100 years old. During our visit we saw a replica of one of the boats that came, the first and third class rooms and the inhalation chamber.  We also heard about all the different things doctors did to keep the patients well, how their luggage was disinfected and the diseases that the patients were diagnosed with. Personally my favourite part was seeing what the bedrooms were like for the patients.”

Amy Saad 6H


“I think that it was a fun experience and there were loads of things that interested me including how our migration history has come so far. The inhalation chamber was fun because people had to stay in it for four minutes and it was filled with steam and zinc sulphate which cleaned the airways of any germs. It was very interesting to learn about Operation Baby Lift and how it affected the people who were adopted. It was okay for them to be picked up in an aeroplane to be protected from being killed but I didn’t agree with the adoption. The best thing was probably going down the eight-flight optical illusion staircase.”

Gabrielle Milkins 6H


The girls have been busy presenting their speeches to their class mates in anticipation of the Public Speaking evening next Tuesday evening. On Wednesday we watched the 24 semi-finalists perform their speeches to the Primary School.

The finalists are as follows:

Jessica Anderson   King Henry the 8th
Tahlia Moses             Bullying
Josephine Egan  

 The Good Old Days

Zoe Henville Things I Would Never Eat
Alexis De Zotti Winners, Losers or Choosers?
Zoya Hussein Education
Avery Benbow Cheng I Sao, the First She-Pirate
Ashleigh Chapman   Through the Looking Glass
Mia Hallinan   Donating Blood
Jemma Vaughn    1 Refugee, 1 Story
Molly Hanly  

Women’s Equality

Estelle Kyriazis

 If it Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It

Grace Sukari                      Does Appearance Matter?
Rebecca Coulton        Being Nervous


We hope you will join us for a wonderful evening of entertainment.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary