Primary School News

Primary School News

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.

Eleanor Roosevelt


The term is now in full swing and there is much to be grateful for. I would like to thank all of the parents who attended the Parent Information Evening last Friday night. Thank you to the Primary team for delivering such comprehensive presentations.

Our annual Open Day is to be held at school tomorrow 11 March from 11am – 3.00pm. This is the time we open the school to prospective families who are considering a Loreto Normanhurst education for their daughter.  This will be an opportunity to experience the school ‘in action’ with activities during the day as well as special displays, performances and presentations. Girls are to wear their summer dress and blazer.

Congratulations to the Primary School IPSHA Swimming Team who did Loreto proud at Homebush this week.


News from the Primary School Library

This week marks the official commencement of the Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC).  All Year 6 students have been allocated the same usernames and passwords from last year and these will be emailed to the students this week.  Year 5 students will be assigned new usernames and passwords for Loreto Normanhurst and they will receive these in the coming weeks.

The PRC encourages students to explore a wide variety of literature and has a very extensive reading list.  This can be accessed here.

The students will be also given PRC reading logs to record all books that they complete.

Students have until Friday 25 August to complete the challenge.

Last year we had 80% of Primary School students complete the challenge.  Let’s see if we can improve on that achievement.

Happy Reading.


Mrs Caroline Walton

Teacher Librarian


In the Primary School this week

In History we have been learning about immigration. Immigration is when people leave their home to go and live in another country that they are not citizens of. Some reasons for immigrating are for employment, or to flee from war, natural disasters, persecution and poverty.

Year 6 were asked to make an Australian immigration timeline from 1901 – 2017. During this task, I learnt that Australia had an all-white immigration policy for 72 years between the years of 1901 – 1973. It was brought in to particularly stop Chinese and South Sea Islander people from entering Australia and to favour the immigration of white European migrants. I feel that this rule was very harsh as it discriminated against people based on where they were from and the colour of their skin. I am glad that Australia has changed because if there was still an all-white policy, Australia wouldn’t be the diverse place it is today.

By Lara Granelli 6H


As part of our studies in History this week our task was to write a timeline about immigration. The focus of our timeline runs from 1901 to 2017. Most people flee their county because of a variety of reasons: war, natural disasters, poverty, a harsh government or a lack of access to good education for girls.

I feel like the all-white political rule back in 1901 was extremely unfair towards Chinese, Indian, South Sea Islanders and many other dark skinned countries because there could only be white people in Australia. I am so glad that they had got rid of that rule because I would not be living in this country.

Also, I was shocked to find out that children were forced to move countries without the knowledge of their parents. We are very fortunate that we are not in the early 20th century so we don’t have to live under such harsh, strict rules and we can live freely and be allowed to go to any country and we can have the education we want to have as girls.

By Maria El Haddad 6H


We were asked to write a timeline about immigration to Australia starting from 1901. We began by researching the main periods in time during immigration in Australia and I found it very intriguing to learn about our history of migration. The most interesting time period for me was during 1918-1919 when the Spanish flu pandemic infected millions of people worldwide and was brought to Australia from soldiers returning after World War 1.

We also researched the reasons why people choose to migrate to Australia and the areas migrants originate from. When I received this task, I was interested to learn and understand more about immigrants and how Australian immigration laws impact on their lives, whilst understanding the push and pull factors that affect their day to day lives.

By Amy Saad 6H


OSH Club 

Please note that bookings for the April Holiday Program will be running from April 10 – April 24 2017.  (OSH Club will be closed on April 13 for Easter Thursday, April 14, April 17 and April 25 due to National Public Holidays). The brochure for the program will be available four weeks prior to the Holiday Program starting. To book the dates you require please log into your account at


Upcoming Events


Wednesday 15 March    Primary School Cross Country  2.00-3.00pm
Friday 17 March ‘Bully Busters’ Incursion  9.15am-10.15am
Saturday 25 March  Primary School Family Twilight Picnic 3.00pm – 6.00pm


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary