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Let our hearts be led by Mercy

I would like to thank all of the parents who attended the Parent Information Evening on Tuesday night. Thank you to the Primary team for delivering such comprehensive presentations. Sam Sposari and Jess Webster from Year 6, gave the parents a sneak peek into a day in the life of a Loreto Normanhurst girl by creating a very entertaining video. Thank you to Ms Watkins, Mrs Stooke, Mrs Pursche and all the specialist teachers for attending.

The term is now in full swing and there is much to be grateful for. The girls have settled beautifully and amongst other things have been preparing for our upcoming camp. Next week we will be venturing off to the beautiful surrounds of the Broken Bay Sport and Recreation Camp. This will be an exciting week for Years 5 and 6, enjoying two fun filled days of outdoor and team activities. This will be a wonderful opportunity for the girls to forge new friendships and build that sense of belonging and connection which is an integral part of the Loreto Normanhurst community.

Our sincerest condolences to the O’Keeffe family. You are in our prayers at this very difficult time.


In the Primary School this week…

Year 5

We have been focusing on our Personal Core Values in class this week. One of the tasks we worked on was creating our own Coat of Arms that represents us in all our qualities. We thought about our strengths, values, passions and aspirations. We concluded the thinking process and thought about our own mottos that we strive to live by.

Elyse Stephens 5R


Learning Enrichment

In Learning Enrichment this term, we will be focusing on enhanced literacy strategies. Unit 1 centres on Poetry. We have commenced the Unit by looking at figurative language techniques and poetic examples such as Haiku poems and Shakespearean Sonnets. In addition, the girls are also working on a collaborative story writing project which will culminate in a published manuscript.

Our Shakespearean unit aims to introduce students to the language of Shakespeare and the Elizabethan theatre world. Students will learn about the features of drama, comedy, farce, parallel plot, setting and characterisation through their study of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  They will perform sections of the play and learn about staging dramatic productions.

Academic Support is offered across classes in small groups focusing on additional skills in literacy and numeracy. Particular focus will be on discussing and explaining mathematical thinking and building number sense. 

Ms Tricia Allen


Music Festival

Just a reminder to purchase your tickets for the Music Festival. It is a spectacular evening of entertainment. All Primary girls will be performing on the night, so I urge you to buy tickets to this event quickly as they are highly sought after.

On Friday 8 April, the girls will be dismissed at 12.30pm to enable them to rest before the performance. Please make arrangements for your daughters to be collected.


Upcoming Events

Monday 29 February

Year 5 & 6  Broken Bay Camp

Tuesday 01 March

Years 5 & 6 return from Broken Bay Camp

Friday 04 March

Year 6 Cluster Mass

Monday 07 March

Years 5 & 6 Primary School Parents’ Welcome Dinner 7.00 pm

Tuesday 08 March

Primary School Photos incl. Sibling Photos

Wednesday 09 March

Primary School Cross Country Carnival – School Oval 1.20 pm


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary