Primary School News

Primary School News

It takes a village to raise a child.

African Proverb


Earlier this week I received an email from a Year 5 parent. It all began last Friday afternoon, when the Primary students had returned from their first camp. A Year 5 student was making her way home after camp, she had walked to the train station feeling sick and exhausted, carrying her camp bags when it started to rain. One of the Secondary Loreto girls approached Emily and asked if she was ok. Emily broke down in tears, saying she just wanted to call her mum but couldn’t because she had no sim card in her phone. The Secondary girl loaned Emily her phone to contact her mum. She also stayed with Emily on the train and helped her until she got off the train. The secondary girl sent Emily’s mother an SMS, knowing how worried she would have been. She introduced herself as Jess and reassured Emily’s mum that Emily was fine.

Emily’s mother then asked:

‘I was hoping you could help me track down this gorgeous young lady as I wanted to say a very big thank you to her for her kindness and generosity. I was hoping to reiterate to her that she is the epitome of why we have chosen to send Emily to Loreto Normanhurst. Jess’ actions have reinforced to us how special the Normanhurst young ladies are and we are so pleased that Emily has been given the privilege of being part of that. She was so kind, thoughtful and impressive and I felt she should know. I hope that one day Emily gets an opportunity to repay this kindness to another student so she can pay it forward. If you could let me know who Jess is I would like to send in a little card to her to say thanks.’

We tracked Jess down later that day and relayed the message from Emily’s mother. Jess responded: ‘Thank you so much! That was a beautiful message from Emily’s mother, she is very kind. I am thankful for the emails but I didn’t need or expect to get any acknowledgment for helping someone out, it was my pleasure. Emily is very nice and I loved meeting her and that was enough for me.’

 This story illustrates that the smallest act of kindness can mean the world to someone. We are also reminded that relationships are at the core of everything we do at Loreto. In the spirit of Mary Ward, as a school community we aim to develop independent, articulate and compassionate women of integrity who are of service to others. We will continue to forge these strong bonds when the Primary students meet their Year 9 and 10 buddies later this term.


Camp Reflections from Year 5

 Camp was awesome! It was my first time and I’m already so excited for next year. I loved taking part in archery. We learnt how to position ourselves and to try and hit the giant target. Last year Mr Adams was the champion but Ms Raymond beat him this year. I found the high ropes most challenging but it was so fun. The cabins at night time were as hot as the sun but we ended up getting to sleep.

Chiara Leonardi 

 Camp was a great, fun and  enjoyable experience. We got to create new friendships and we had awesome team work! My favourite activity was the high ropes. I think it was very challenging but fun! Also not to mention the teachers even had a go. It was great, all of our housemates were cheering each other on and helping them if they were scared. Everyone was very encouraging and helpful. I loved the flying fox it was long and very high. I think this was an absolute amazing camp and I can’t wait for next year!

 Tahlia Moses 

 Years 5 and 6 all did different but amazing activities like kayaking, high ropes, archery and heaps more. I loved kayaking because it was the best! At the start of kayaking we had to play a game called the ‘Scream Game’ and whenever our instructor would point at us we would have to scream! When we all kayaked some of us would fall off and laugh! We would have to save each other without paddles but later on we got to use paddles and it was so fun. We had to do a challenge and see how many people could fit onto a kayak so loads of people tried it and Benedicta got the highest amount of people in the kayak at one time. The most challenging activity to me was high ropes which looked really easy but was very hard.

By Charli Middleton 

My favourite activity was the night activity. We all had a stall set up in the dining hall. Some examples of the stalls were: the tattoo stall, the taxi rides, the hairdressing salon, dress up hire stall and the nail painting salon. I worked at the nail salon with Year 5 girls Lucia, Lucy H, Nieve, Jess R and Abby. Some of the stalls Mr Adams especially liked were the nail salon (yay!) and tattoo salon. I also liked the high ropes, it was really challenging. I really loved camp.

Annelyse Seymour


We are looking forward to welcoming parents to the Information Evening next Friday 3 March from 7.00pm to 8.00pm. This will be a wonderful opportunity to hear all about the diversity of our curriculum and a wide range of matters from daily routines to programming and assessment. The Information Evening will be followed by the Cocktail Party. We look forward to seeing you there.





Time and Venue

Tuesday 28 February 

 120 Year Anniversary Celebration of Eucharist

Shrove Tuesday

Wednesday 1 March    Ash Wednesday  
Thursday 2 March           Year 6 Leaders’ Mass (Cluster Mass)  
Friday 3 March

Parent Information Evening

Cocktail Party for Parents

 7:00-8:00pm in the Learning Common


Friday 10 March

Early dismissal to set up for Open Day (Years 5-12)

12:35pm dismissal

Saturday 11 March  Loreto Normanhurst Open Day 11:00am-3:00pm



Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary