Primary School News

Primary School News

‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.’

Helen Keller


There was much excitement in the Primary School this morning, as our Year 5 students prepared to meet the newest members of the Primary School, Year 5 and Year 6 for 2017.  It was lovely to see the sisters of current students joining the Primary School.

We began the day at the Teresa Ball Primary Centre, where the girls and their families met the Primary teachers and the Leadership Team. The girls with their Orientation buddies, played some getting to know you games and explored the school on a treasure hunt. Our current Year 5 girls showed such pride as they walked the girls around the school and talked about what they had learnt this year. We had a lovely morning tea with our new families, where connections and new friendships began to take shape. We have just said goodbye to the girls and can’t wait until we see them again.

The girls have been busy presenting their speeches to their class mates in anticipation of the Public Speaking evening next week. The finalists are as follows:

  • Molly Hanly
  • Sam Rajesh
  • Lara Granelli
  • Becca Zammit
  • Indianna Cane
  • Emily Burns
  • Maddison Hinds
  • Ashleigh Chapman
  • Katerina Negro
  • Chloe Mackay
  • Samantha Sposari
  • Madeleine Campbell
  • Saoirse Watkins
  • Clare Horan
  • Sarah Carrozzi
  • Keira Conlin


Year 5

This term we have been looking at how people change the natural environment.  The girls in 5A and 5R have been investigating huge infrastructure projects throughout Sydney.  Next week the girls will be showcasing their documentaries on either Barangaroo, North Connex, Sydney Metro, Homebush Bay or Hornsby Quarry. Last Tuesday we were fortunate enough to have an expert come to talk to us about one of these projects.  Mrs. Christine Grima (Lily Low’s mother) visited the Primary School to talk about the Sydney Metro.  Did you know that ancient Aboriginal Spear Heads were found while excavating the new train line?  Or that while excavating the skytrain section of Sydney Metro Northwest, archaeologists uncovered the ruins of a long-forgotten early 19th-century Sydney inn?

For my project I am looking at the North Connex.  This project will connect the M1 to the M2 and will help with the traffic on Pennant Hills Road.  Did you know that this project actually goes underneath our school? When this project is completed there will be around 5000 trucks taken off the road that will then go on the North Connex. This 9km tunnel will cost around $3 billion dollars to complete.

Grace Sukari 5A

For my case study I am doing the Barangaroo Development Project.  This project is located just behind the Sydney Harbour Bridge and was home to the Cadigal People.  The shores of this area were an important source of cockles and oysters for both the indigenous and European population. Over the years this area became a very important shipping terminal for the Sydney area. People began to use this area more and more as Circular Quay became busier.   

Phoebe Locke 5A


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary