Primary School News

Primary School News

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.


Mother Teresa


On Tuesday evening the Primary School quad was transformed into a veritable who’s who of people who have a made an important contribution to the world. The girls had spent the term researching their eminent person, creating a biography, a bio riddle and a stall containing information, souvenirs, questions to ask and of course food that represented their eminent person. The girls were outstanding as they courageously took to the stage, dressed in character to present their bio-riddle, which gave the audience an insight into the lives some of the world’s most remarkable people.

After reflecting on the evening, one Year 6 student wrote, ‘I loved the evening of eminence. I liked it when someone came up to me, asked me a question and said that they had learnt something new. I think that the best part about the evening of eminence was that I learnt so much and worked really hard, but had so much fun while I did it. One thing that I learnt about myself was that I was more courageous than I thought. When I was about to get up and say my bio-riddle, I thought I was going to forget my bio-riddle or get stage fright but I learnt that getting up and speaking to a crowd isn’t as scary as it seems.’    

A big thank you to Ms Hislop, Ms Brandon and Ms Allen for supporting the girls on this fascinating learning journey and Ms Ugonotti, Ms Green, parents and Primary School staff for attending.

There was great excitement and a few nerves as Year 6 embarked on their transition to the Secondary School this week. The girls had a wonderful time getting to know their new classmates and learning about life in Year 7. A highlight of the day was when the House Captains burst into the Curran Theatre in crazy house coloured costumes. Dancing and games ensued. Reflecting on the day, Keira Conlin remarked that she really enjoyed getting to know so many new girls and learning about their stories to this point. Another student mentioned that, ‘I loved the House Meetings, it felt so welcoming, like we had already been part of Loreto for years.’


Upcoming Events

Tuesday 1 November Year 6 visit to the Uniform Shop to purchase Transition Kit for Year 7
Friday 4 November Year 5 2017 Orientation Day
Wednesday 9 November ‘Loreto’s Got Talent’ Auditions



Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary