Primary School News

Primary School News

Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.


Lady Bird Johnson


Kidpreneur update

The coins have all been counted and I am pleased to announce that the Primary School will be donating $2969.80 to the House of Welcome. We were fortunate that Tania Price, the Executive Director of Club Kidpreneur was able to come and experience our Market Day. Tania has been involved with Club Kidpreneur from the very early years and is an active board member.

Now that our Market Day is over, the girls have the opportunity to enter the Club Kidpreneur Challenge competition where they have to create a video pitch. What a unique opportunity it was for the girls to develop business ideas, work in a team, make a product, market it and sell to the public. We are very grateful for the wonderful community support of such a worthy cause.



2016 Author Visit

As part of our Book Week celebrations this year the Primary School Library welcomed the talented children’s author Belinda Murrell.  Belinda provided personalised Writing Workshops for each class which involved guidance in planning, researching and creating amazing writing. She gave us valuable insights into the strategies she uses to create her captivating works of historical fiction and inspired the girls with her passion for reading and creating quality literature.

One of the strategies Belinda shared with the girls was called “Lightning Writing” which involves writing anything that comes to mind within a three minute time limit.  The girls began to overflow with amazing ideas and enthusiasm.  Examples of some of the girls’ “Lightning Writing” is shown below.


“The door creaks open as soon as my foot touches the step.  I can smell rotten wood and dust.  The floorboards creak like they’re about to give way.  I rest my hand on the rusted copper railing and take my first step inside. As I do, a cold shiver runs down my back and I fall to my knees.  A voice whispers, “Kelsey, I’ve been waiting for you.”

Indianna C.
Year 5


“I could smell a stench as I entered.  I could feel the cold of the sandstone walls.  When I opened my mouth I could taste the thousand year old air surrounding me in the tomb.  I heard the wind howling outside but darkness was all I could see. “

Gabby M. 
Year 5


“The sound of waves crashing down on the rocks all around gets louder. I can feel the soft sand squeezing in-between my toes and a soft sea spray blows over my face making me take in a deep breath.  I hear the sea birds squawking up ahead and now my legs ache. I have been walking for days without food but I must go on.”

Maddie C.
Year 6


Some of Belinda’s writing tips included: “show not tell” by using dialogue and description, make your characters real by including their flaws and mannerisms and befriend your characters in order to create empathy in the reader. Finally Belinda left us with this advice: Read, read, read! Write, write, write! Plan and polish your work and most importantly, have fun!


Mrs Caroline Walton

Teacher Librarian


Visual Arts

This term in Visual Arts,  Year 5 students have been creating ceramic birds, aligned to their Science unit on “Living Things”. They have been using white hand-building clay to make their birds, which involved learning techniques such as forming a pinch-pot (body); rolling and attaching small slabs (back and wings); making coils and fashioning three-dimensional structures (head); and inscribing sgraffito elements (on the wings). In their Visual Arts Process Diary, each girl has designed her own individual pattern for her bird and will use quality underglazes of her choice to apply colour; before firing and glazing is implemented to create a glossy finish to their effective bird sculptures.


Mrs Hanson-Kerr


OSH Club 

Please note that bookings for the September/October Holiday Program are now open online.

The program will run from the 23rd September – 7th October 2016. (3rd October is closed due to a Public Holiday). The brochure for the program will be available 4 weeks prior to the Holiday Program starting. To book the dates you require please log into your account at


Upcoming Dates

Thursday 22 September  Last Day of Term 3 for Students
Monday 10 October Term 4 Begins


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary