Primary School News

Primary School News

‘The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.’

– Robert Swan


There were many varied and wonderful Science activities available to the Primary girls this week during Science Week. From the Year 8 Toy Fair, Robot Racing, quizzes and the Spectacular Science Show the girls were spoilt for choice. Mrs Solo invited Year 6 to have a taste of what they might experience next year in the Science Club. Thank you to the Science Department for a fabulous week.


“Last Tuesday, Year 6 were invited to the Senior School to watch the Science Club perform their favourite experiments. The first experiment involved mixing zinc with an acid in a flask. A balloon was placed on top of the flask which resulted in the balloon inflating with hydrogen gas. Leaving that experiment to the  side they started conducting another interesting experiment. Once the balloons  had inflated everyone was intrigued as to why they were tying the balloons to a metal rod. Setting a candle alight the girls held the flame underneath the balloon which caused a chemical reaction making it blow up! Our personal favourite experiment was the last one by the name of elephant tooth paste. Adding 8 drops of food colouring into a bottle, a decent amount of liquid dish soap and a mixture of warm water and yeast into the funnels an explosion of foam came out.  I think everyone enjoyed the science clubs performance and will surely consider joining next year. Thank you Ms Solo for inviting us over!”

By Mia Hartley, Saoirse Watkins and Nicola De Zotti


Book Week

The theme this year is: AUSTRALIA : STORY COUNTRY

Book Character Parade

Our parade will be held on Friday, 2   September, Week 7 in the Primary School Learning Common at 9.00am. The children will dress as a character from a favourite book and are to come to school in their outfit. They will remain in their costumes for the rest of the day.

Colouring in Competition

Colouring-in entries will be distributed during Library lessons and completed entries are to be handed in to the Library by Thursday Week 6. 

Author Visit

Australian children’s author Belinda Murrell will be visiting our school on    Thursday 8 September, Week 8.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

All Premier’s Reading Challenge entries need to be submitted online before 19th August, 2015.  You will need to log onto the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge website using your PRC usernames and passwords. All students have been emailed with their details. Please contact me if you need any assistance.

Congratulations to the following girls who have completed the Premier’s Reading Challenge:

  • Amber Buchanan
  • Emily Burns
  • Ashleigh Chapman
  • Saskia Chapman
  • Zoe Clubb
  • Lily Cohen
  • Aiveen Creak 
  • Chelsea Dove
  •  Lara Granelli  
  • Molly Hanly
  • Charlotte Joseph
  • Estelle Kyriazis
  • Phoebe Locke
  • Abigail Mayer
  • Isabella Onsley
  • Elizabeth Powell
  • Samiksha Rajesh
  • Amy Saad
  • Emily Singh
  • Grace Sukari  
  • Edie Tassell  
  • Rebecca Zammit  
  • Erin Bourke
  • Madeleine Campbell
  • Sarah Carrozzi
  • Keira Conlin
  • Charotte Curran  
  • Nicola De Zotti
  • Imogen Fish
  • Kaitlin Forder  
  • Hannah Forman 
  • Lara Gibson
  • Stephanie Gough
  • Scarlett Harsas  
  • Mia Hartley
  • Lauren Ho
  • Clare Horan
  • Cheri Hui
  • Audrey Kha
  • Olivia Lucas
  • Mia Matek
  • Amelie Mauri-Dooris
  • Charlotte McLennan
  • Katerina Negro
  • Keely O’Sullivan
  • Brigid Quirk  
  • Isabelle Reid  
  • Eliza Rossell
  • Remy Savell-McKean
  • Madeline Studdert
  • Kate Walters  
  • Saoirse Watkins  
  • Madison Webster
  • Olivia Williamson


Ms Caroline Walton

Teacher Librarian


OSH Club 

Please note that bookings for the September/October Holiday Program are now open online.

The program will run from the 23rd September – 7th October 2016. (3rd October is closed due to a Public Holiday). The brochure for the program will be available 4 weeks prior to the Holiday Program starting. To book the dates you require please log into your account at


Upcoming Dates

Wednesday 24 August Cyber Safety Talk – Senior Constable Murray 9.00-10.00am
Saturday 27 August Father Daughter Dinner |  The Epping Club 6:15pm – 10:00pm
Monday 29 August IPSHA Athletics Carnival – Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre
Friday 2 September Book Week Parade 9.00-10.00am Learning Common
Friday 9 September Kidpreneur Market Day – Primary School Quad 10.30-1.30pm
Thursday 22 September Last Day of Term 3 for students




Good luck to Eliza Rossell who will be competing in the Snowboard Giant Slalom and Snowboard Cross events at the NSW/ACT State championships NSW next week. Carve it up Eliza!


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary