Primary School News

Primary School News

When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.

Rebel Thriver


Olympics Fever has struck the Primary School. Each day we have an update of the medal tally and a retelling of the triumphs and tragedy that makes the Olympics so engaging. While some athletes come from great privilege and are given every opportunity to do their country proud, there are others who are not as fortunate.  

Yusra Mardini had one dream, to swim in the 100 metre butterfly at the Olympic Games. Yusra was the Flag Bearer for the Refugee Team at the Opening Ceremony.

In 2015, Yusra and her sister fled from their war torn home of Syria in a dinghy overflowing with asylum seekers, trying to make it to the Greek Islands and a better life. Less than 1 hour into the journey, the motor failed. Only 3 people on that overloaded boat could swim, Yusra, her sister and 1 other woman. The 3 women jumped into the Mediterranean Sea and dragged the boat and all those on it to safety.

On the first day of the Olympics, Yusra Mardini realised her dream, winning her heat in the 100 metre butterfly.


Literary Festival

An intrepid group of aspiring authors, avid readers and knowledge seekers embarked on a journey to the leafy surrounds of Abbotsleigh to hear world renowned authors, Jackie French and Morris Gleitzman regale us with their tales of adventure and the sheer joy of writing. As unassuming as she is humble, Jackie French started with an endearing lesson in how to speak ‘wombat.’ It was soon discovered that we were all rather good linguists. Beware if the students start to make guttural sounds in the back of their throats- an attack could be imminent.

Jackie’s passion for writing and her commitment to the environment was inspirational. Excerpts were read from her natural disaster series, ‘Cyclone.’ The highlight was experiencing ‘Diary of a Wombat’ through Jackie’s own eyes. She conveyed a powerful message to the students. Her stories about wombats are not just about a peculiar, rather round, brown, animal; rather they are about two species, who are so different that they will never understand each other, but each manage to live in harmony, affection and acceptance. A lesson we should all take on board.

Morris Gleitzman shared his journey through the Felix and Zelda series (Once, Then, Now, After, Soon) with two more novels to be written in the next eighteen months. These novels reflected a personal journey for Morris, as his Grandfather was a Jew from Krakow in Poland. As a young man he left Poland, decades before the Holocaust, and ended up living in England. I will leave the last words to Gleitzman’s opening sentence in Soon. “Soon, I hope the world will be a safe and happy place. This morning it isn’t.”

I hope the girls enjoyed meeting these fabulous writers. The world needs inspiration and inspiration comes from storytelling. Thank you to Mrs Dwyer and the fabulous Primary School teachers for supporting such a wonderful experience.


Tricia Allen

Learning Enrichment



The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government contributed funding of $20.00 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards those costs.


Australian War Memorial

During our trip to Canberra we visited the Australian War Memorial and toured many exhibits, an army truck used in Afghanistan, a uniform worn by a soldier in WWII (complete with mud), and the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We were each given a poppy and participated in a memorial where we all placed our poppies on the tomb. We also watched a video on the Vietnam War and were fortunate enough to meet a man named Arthur who had served in the Vietnam War and shared a few of his experiences. It was a great learning experience and it expanded our knowledge of Australian wartime and our history.

Questacon had to be a highlight of our trip! One of their current exhibitions is all about spiders! The frightening displays sent chills down our spine. There were live spiders (some very well hidden in camouflage), spider games and spider webs. 

We then excitedly hurried into the earthquake exhibit. This shaky experience taught us a lot. It helped us with our integrated unit as we are currently learning about natural disasters. I believe everyone has learnt a lot about this powerful disaster.

Finally we reached what everyone was waiting for… Free Fall. Free fall was in a room called ExciteQ. Free Fall is a 6 metre high slide. It might sound simple but once you get to the top and hang by your fingertips, it is so scary. Once you let go you fall into vertical drop and it feels like you are weightless. Then at the very last second it curves and you glide safely into the slide. I only went on it once but some courageous year sixes took the plunge FIVE times. We even got to cheer on Miss Hislop, Ms Allen and Mrs Mannes as they braved the great height too! Questacon was amazing! We learnt so much. We really appreciate going to Questacon and we hope year five will enjoy it next year.


Madeleine Campbell, Cheri Hui and Brigid Quirk

Year 6 


OSH Club 

Please note that bookings for the September/October Holiday Program are now open online.

The program will run from the 23rd September – 7th October 2016. (3rd October is closed due to a Public Holiday). The brochure for the program will be available 4 weeks prior to the Holiday Program starting. To book the dates you require please log into your account at


Upcoming Dates



Monday 15 August Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Eucharist
Tuesday 16 August ICAS Mathematics
Wednesday 17 August Snug as a Bug in a Rug Day
Saturday 27 August Father Daughter Dinner |  The Epping Club 6:15pm – 10:00pm


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary