Primary School News

Primary School News

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The excitement has been growing all week in the Primary School in the lead up to Loreto Day. Year 6 have been sharing their stories from last year with Year 5 and it is sure to be a wonderful day.

Congratulations to Renee Bugeja and Amy Saad who will be performing a comedy act and to Maddie Campbell, Ella McKenzie, Keely O’Sullivan, Nicola De Zotti and Erin Bourke who will dazzle us with their fancy footwork at the Loreto Day concert.

Last Friday Year 5 ventured into the city to attend the State Library in support of their studies. The girls had the opportunity to solve an Australian mystery by examining primary sources. They looked very professional with their white gloves and magnifying glasses. The eagerness grew as each group came together to share their facts and uncover the identity of the Australian man.

The highly anticipated Shakespeare room did not disappoint. The girls were transfixed as they scoured the shelves and marvelled at the magnificence of the room. Abigail Mayer remarked, ‘I loved the Shakespeare’s room. I like the fact that every Tuesday you can go in and actually read the books.’ Thank you to Mr Adams for organising the excursion.


Learning Enrichment

What a frenetic term we have had with so many opportunities for the students to flourish and pursue their passions. 

The Da Vinci Decathlon took place at Knox Grammar School on Thursday 26th June. The Year 5 and 6 teams for Da Vinci were excited to participate in this annual event, particularly the Year 5’s as it was their first emersion into the competition. The girls conducted themselves superbly, demonstrating exceptional team work and good thinking skills. We had prepared by looking at the theme of ‘Exploration.’ This included discovering about early inventions such as the astrolabe, early maps and the caravels that were built to sustain the treacherous waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The effort and focus displayed by the girls throughout a very long day was outstanding. Special thanks must go to Mrs Raymond for her guidance and support throughout the day.

As part of our Literacy focus this year the Primary School will be participating in a wonderful initiative to support children with cancer. Write a Book in a Day (WABIAD) is a short story competition with two unique ingredients in the creation of the books. The first element is the collaborative focus: all books are planned, written, illustrated, printed and bound by a team of writers. Secondly, all the stories grow from a unique set of parameters provided to each writing team on the set day. The result is hours of entertaining reading for children in hospitals all around Australia.

The competition was open to all students in the Primary School and required a written expression of interest highlighting why the students wished to participate. The responses reflected the deep thinking and social awareness of the students in the Primary school. Some examples of responses are below:

‘I would like to help children with cancer and have fun by working in a group and being creative.’

‘I think that participating in the activity would be a fun and amazing way to fundraise for ‘The Kids With Cancer Project.’ I also think that we would have such a fun time creating the book in a team.’

The more money raised through sponsorship, the greater the benefit to children with cancer. The easiest method for sponsors to receive a tax deductible receipt is to sponsor a Loreto Normanhurst Primary team via the WABIAD website . This year we have forty two students participating from the Primary School in this event! What an amazing response. This event will take place on 23 June from 7.45am- 4.00pm.

This term in Learning Enrichment we have commenced our study of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ The students have relished the opportunity to immerse themselves in ‘old English’ and whilst daunting at first, the girls have been doggedly determined to absorb the play in its original form. The students are working towards a formal assessment which will require them to write a monologue or soliloquy from a characters point of view and perform this in front of the group. Peer evaluation will be an essential component of the task. The Year 5 excursion to the State Library reinforced Shakespeare’s contribution not only to literature, but the English language. The girls enjoyed the Shakespeare room and the four Shakespeare folios in the AMAZE Gallery.

We have also implemented the MultiLit reading Tutor program to enhance the reading and decoding skills of some students. It is wonderful to see the measurable progress made by students and the positive mindsets displayed.

Thank you for ongoing support and encouragement of Learning Enrichment at Loreto Primary.

Tricia Allen


Important Reminder

Just a reminder that if you are dropping off or picking up your daughter from school, kindly use the Slip Road. We must be mindful of our neighbours in Mt Pleasant Avenue. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.


OSH Club Holiday Program

The school holiday programs are jam packed with exciting activities and awesome excursions in a safe and friendly environment for Primary School children aged 5-12 years of age. Attached is the brochure for the June/July Holiday Program! Please have a look and make any bookings online via the website


Upcoming Dates

Wednesday 8 June Whole School Photos & Siblings
Thursday 9 June    Pupil Free Day
Friday 10 June Pupil Free Day
Monday 13 June Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
Tuesday 14 June Extra-Curricular Photo Day
Wednesday 15 June Primary School Open Classroom 9.00-10.30am
Monday 20 June Primary School Athletics Carnival 9.00-12.00pm
  Term 2 Primary School Academic Plenaries 1.00-6.00pm
Tuesday 21 June Term 2 Primary School Academic Plenaries 3.00-6.00pm

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