Primary School News

Primary School News

The Buddy Program

Years 5 and  6 were delighted to find that they had received a letter from their Year 9 and 10 buddies today. We would normally meet in person in the Primary School Quad for a special recess get-together, but that will have to wait until later in the year when further restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, the girls will email and Zoom their buddy which they have become quite proficient at doing!

The ‘Buddy Program’ works to build connections and nurture relationships between our Primary and Secondary School students. A Year 9 or 10 buddies up with a younger student in Year 5 or 6, to offer them support and friendship. The criteria to become a buddy is as follows: To be a good buddy to a Year 5 or 6 student at Loreto Normanhurst, a Year 9 or Year 10 student must:

  • Assist Year 5 students to transition into a new school and foster their growth as a ‘Loreto student’.
  • Assist Year 6 students as they prepare to transition into the senior school and foster their growth as a ‘Loreto student’.
  • Grow the Mary Ward Open Circle by building connections and nurturing friendships within the school.
  • To help to grow the confidence of our younger students which can assist students to feel safe and secure amongst their peers.
  • Students that feel this way are more likely to feel they ‘belong’ and this contributes to success at school.

Cupcakes & Conversation

I have had the great pleasure of sharing in morning tea with our new Year 5 and Year 6 girls. We met in groups in the Learning Common for cupcakes, juice and conversation.

Each of the girls brought in something that was special to them to share with the group. Pictures of their beloved pets was the most common item and amazingly nearly everyone named ‘aqua,’ as their favourite colour. We also talked about what they have enjoyed so far about being at Loreto Normanhurst.

This is what the girls had to say:

‘The teachers are so lovely.  I enjoy that you can just be yourself.’
Isabella Forder, Year 5

‘I have made so many new friends.’
Carissa Kidner, Year 5

‘I really loved camp.’
Porsha Gill, Year 5 


Happy Birthday!

Hip, hip, hooray to the following birthday girls. We hope you had a wonderful day!

  • Victoria
  • Eva
  • Isla
  • Grace

Upcoming Events

Friday 19 June  – Loreto Day

I hope you have a restful long weekend with family and friends.

Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary