Primary School News

Primary School News

It has been two weeks since the girls returned to face-to-face learning and it has been heart-warming to hear the symphony of sounds of our beautiful girls. While things have been unpredictable and uncertain, I am always astounded by the way our girls have showed resilience and flexibility when coping with the changes that are currently upon us. This of course includes learning remotely from home. The girls took to virtual learning so well and I must make mention of the teachers who worked extremely hard to make learning exciting and accessible for the girls.

We have talked a lot about how our world is changing and it is easy to become overwhelmed by the news stories, virus numbers climbing and the like, so this week during our See, Think, Wonder session we looked at the random acts of kindness that we have witnessed during this time and some positives that have come out of this situation.

Monique Travers, Year 6, noted that, “I have become closer to my siblings than ever before and now they are more like best friends rather than siblings. Something even more positive is that now I feel like I am more willing to do fitness and don’t procrastinate to do it anymore.”

We also made a pledge to make Kindness our Superpower while the girls decorated some kindness rocks with positive quotes and images that will brighten the day for others.

Cartoon Workshop

This week the girls took part in a virtual comic making workshop with author Mike Barry. For 90 minutes Mike encouraged the girls to harness their imagination and create comics which were action-packed. 

“I thought the workshop with Mike Barry was really fun! Even though it was through zoom to me it didn’t matter because we still got to create a character and a short comic. We also got to learn a lot about Mike Barry and how he creates his comics. I’m really excited to be able to do it again next year and actually be able to see him in person.” – Kate Fox-Smith,Year 5

Hip, hip, hooray to the following birthday girls. We hope you had a wonderful day!

Sophie and Lucy

Upcoming Events

On Sunday 24 May the Mother Daughter Eucharist will be live streamed via the Normocast page on FACE Online, from 9.30am. We hope you can join us for this special occasion.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary