Primary School News

Primary School News

This term Year 6 has been exploring poetry, with a focus on understanding how poets use poetic structures and language techniques in their compositions.

So far, students have enjoyed reading, analysing and appropriating pieces composed by poets such as Shel Silverstein (‘Sick and Whatif’), Robert W. Service (‘The Cremation of Sam McGee’), and Kit Wright (‘The Frozen Man’). Each week Year 6 are eager to discover what the next poem will be and explore it together using their rapidly evolving skills of interpretation and analysis. This unit of work is designed to help the students develop an appreciation and enjoyment of poetry, with an emphasis on more challenging styles and topics than they have previously engaged with. Please see the girl’s responses below.


“I have enjoyed digging deeper in what the poetry really is about… I never knew that poetry could have many different meanings in just one poem.”
Holly Scalise

“It used to be hard for me to annotate a poem, but now I have got it in the bag. I like rhyming poems and poems with rhythm.”
Grace Ward

“My favourite poem has been Sick by Shel Silverstein because the girl in the poem pretends that she is sick so that she doesn’t have to go to school, but in the end, she finds out it is Saturday.” 
Charlotte Barnett

“In our poetry unit I have enjoyed appropriating poems because you are making up your own version of a famous poem. It has the same stanzas, verses, syllables and rhyme scheme, but all in our own words.”
Talia Nicholson

“I enjoyed reading the poetry all together and understanding the poetry by annotating it because it made everyone work together and maybe even form new relationships as friends.”
Sidney Dixon

“My favourite poem has been The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert W. Service because at the beginning it looked so boring, but after we read it, we had a great laugh.”
Zoe Kha

“In some of the lessons, the poets have proved that poetry isn’t just about rhyming, it’s about syllable use and figurative language. I found that lines can lead you deep into thought, or right into another conversation. Poetry has made this term funny and interesting. I can’t wait ‘til the next lesson.” 
Amelia Shepherd


Human Race

“On Wednesday, Loreto Primary had an incursion called the Human Race.’ This assisted us all in understanding bullying and how we are all a part of the human race. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, but that’s what makes us all such a great team. We learned all this in an extremely humorous way in the form of a play! At Loreto, the teachers always make it fun and interesting to learn new things.”
Evangeline Byrne-Fister

“I loved the bullying program I thought it was hilarious and a brilliant idea and I learnt a lot about bullying. I have never watched a play like that before at school.”
Porsha Gill

“In the bullying program I learnt how to stand up for what I think is right and if I ever see someone else getting bulled to tell a teacher or ask them to stop.”
Lucy Jenkins

“I really liked the Human Race incursion. It was really funny and entertaining. It taught me a lot more about bullying.”
Bianca Buchanan

“I really loved the bullying program because it teaches us to not bully others even if they have problems. We all need to understand that God made each one of us different and we need to respect each other the way we are. The play showed how people felt when they were bullied and to never post anything online that relates to someone else unless they give you permission to do so. One thing to remember is once you post something on social media, Facebook, Instagram etch it will be there forever.” 
Victoria Frangi

“I really enjoyed the bullying program we had this week. I thought it was very funny and it taught me a lot of things. My mum asked me what I got out of the drama and I said that it is ok to stand up for yourself, just because someone was rude to you that doesn’t mean you need to be rude back, physical contact is never ok and to always trust your own instincts.”
Olive Ledwidge


See, Think Wonder

“This term during our See, Think, Wonder sessions, we have been learning all about the rich history and traditions of Loreto. In the latest session, Year 6 did a calming Ignatian Examen with Mrs McCullough, while Year 5 had the wonderful opportunity of having the inspiring story of Mary Ward’s adventurous journey through life read to them by Ms Ugonotti. Last week we split into House groups to share our knowledge of Loreto. I loved this opportunity, because we all got to show what unique features we know about the stories of Loreto Normanhurst. “
Evangeline Byrne-Fister

“At Loreto, the teachers always make it fun and interesting to learn new things. I loved listening to Mary Ward’s story and who she is. I also learned why she is so special in this school and in all the Loreto schools in Australia. I am looking forward to getting the book so I can read it throughout my Loreto life.”
Porsha Gill

“In See Think Wonder this week I learnt about Mary Ward and her life. I thought it was very interesting because I never knew where Mary Ward lived and that religion was not allowed. I was surprised that Mary Ward went to jail for her beliefs so I found that very interesting.”
Lucy Jenkins

“Ms Ugonotti read us, “Footprints of Faith,” which is a story about Mary Ward.  I thought it was a very powerful message to girls that you should always feel equal with everyone else. It taught me how to be a true Loreto girl, and to be kind, caring and humble like Mary Ward. It was a deep and powerful message.”
Aisling Conroy


IPSHA Swim Team

Congratulations to the IPSHA swimming team. The girls performed beautifully with some recording a new personal best by 10 seconds!

Year 5

Aisling Conroy

Amelia Moyes

Briony Bridges

Gabriella Connell

Luci Durston

Lucy Jenkins

Sophie Katsikogianis

Year 6

Bianca Buchanan

Charlotte Horbach

Chloe Leivesley

Chloe Winterton

Grace Ward

Tara Doyle


Hip, hip, hooray to the following birthday girls. 

We hope you had a wonderful day!

Monique, Ashley, Kristina



Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary