Primary School News

Primary School News

May wisdom, truth and courage guide us; May we open our hearts in love and abundant generosity, in the spirit of Jesus, who came not to be served but to serve.

Leadership at Loreto Normanhurst is servant leadership and has its foundation in the words and actions of Jesus Christ. We choose to lead through service to others and working for the common good of the school community. The Primary School leadership structure consists of students elected by their peers in Years 5 and 6. There are two School Leaders and two House Leaders for Benedicta, Clare and Dorothea Houses. The term of office is one semester, with new leaders being elected in Semester 2.  

I am please to introduce the Semester 1 Primary School Leadership Team.

Primary School Leaders

“My name is Monique and I am one of the Primary School Leaders for Semester 1, 2020! I am extremely excited to get to know all the Year 5 and Year 6 girls this semester, and to work with the different girls in the Leadership Team. I want to be a role model to all the girls in the Primary School and to help guide them throughout the year. I hope to learn new skills and to be familiarised with other girls’ skills.”

“My name is Evangeline and I am one of the Primary School Leaders for Semester 1. I am looking forward to having a great time with the Primary School as a Year 6 student this year. As a leader, I hope to set a good example for the Primary School  so that the Year 5’s will set a good example for the Primary School after that. I love Loreto and I bet everybody else does too!”

Benedicta House Leaders

“My name is Sophia and I am one of the Benedicta House Leaders for Semester 1, 2020. So far, this experience has been remarkable and has pushed me to try new things, as well as boosted my confidence. I hope that this semester I can befriend and build closer bonds with the students in Benedicta and cheer them on in upcoming sporting events. I aspire to set a great example for my peers and help them with whatever they need.”

“My name is Anna  and I am one the Benedicta House Leaders. I am looking forward to leading Benedicta and supporting the girls to try a range of different sports. I am most excited for the cross-country and athletics carnival, as I love to run. This year I hope to encourage all girls to participate and give things a go. I am looking forward to a fun and exciting Semester 1. “

Clare House Leaders

“My name Charlotte  and I’m a Clare House Leader. While having this opportunity, I want to become more confident and I would like to meet new people that I can become good friends with. This semester, I am looking forward to continuing to make sure Clare is the best House it can be. I will try my best to make sure everyone feels confident in the events they are participating in. But most of all I am looking forward to all the fun events we can cheer at!”

“My name is Talia and I am one of the Clare House Leaders and I am super excited. As a leader I want to make sure everyone is having fun and feels like they belong in Clare House. I will support, encourage and motivate my fellow Clare House mates and can’t wait to cheer them on. I am so lucky to lead this wonderful house – Go Clare!”

Dorothea House Leaders

“My name is Patricia but feel free to call me Patti! I am one of the Dorothea House Leaders. In the upcoming weeks I am looking forward to learning all the names of my fellow peers and getting to know them better. My main goal as a leader, is for my fellow Dorotheans to have an astonishing time cheering on their teammates and to form long lasting friendships. Our first major House activity is the Great Aussie Bush Camp where we can support each other while kayaking, having fun on the giant swing and zip lining.

“My name is Charlotte and I am a Dorothea House Leader alongside Patti. I can’t wait to lead the girls and have a great time with them. I hope I inspire them to be kind, trustworthy and faithful. The ‘Dorothea Darlings’ are all lovely and I’m excited to get to know them better. Another thing I am looking forward to is working together with the other leaders to create a friendly and safe environment for all.”

Research by John Hattie states that the greatest factors for student learning are the quality of the teacher and the relationship between the teacher and student. This special bond creates an immediate sense of belonging and connectedness with teachers and the wider Loreto Normanhurst community.

Currently in the Primary School our focus is on building relationships. Using the proven ‘Bounce Back’ program the girls will explicitly learn about making positive choices, displaying empathy towards others, being able to work as part of a team and having resilience, or the ability to bounce back when things become difficult.

Next week we will continue this important work in the beautiful surrounds of the Great Aussie Bush camp. This will be an exciting time for Years 5 and 6, enjoying three fun filled days of outdoor and team activities in their House and Class groups. We are greatly looking forward to sharing in this wonderful experience with the girls.


Sporting Superstars

We have so many talented athletes here at Loreto Primary. Congratulations to the following girls who have achieved great success in sport over the Christmas break.

  • Charlotte Horbach in Year 6 competed at the Nationals for the Australian Youth Water polo Championships in the Under 12s team. Her team made it to the Grand Final and came away with a silver medal.
  • Amelia Shepherd in Year 6 made the Ryde Eastwood Hawks Touch Football team and next week will begin competing with her team in the Junior State Cup.
  • Anna Drake in Year 6 made the Carlingford Cyclones Touch Football team and will also compete in the Junior State Cup.
  • Kayla Delooze from Year 5 attended the Australian Cheer & Dance National Competition with her team and they took out 2nd place.
  • Gabriella Connell from Year 5 achieved representative level in soccer and is a member of the North West Sydney Koalas team.



A reminder to all parents that Mount Pleasant Avenue is not to be used to drop off and pick up your daughter. Please use the Slip Road on Osborn Road.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 19 February Primary School Camp to Tea Gardens – departs at 8.30am
Thursday 20 February Primary School Camp
Friday 21 February

Primary School Camp returns at 3.00pm

Welcome to 2020 Cocktail Party – 7.00-10.00pm (view invitation here)

Friday 28 February

Primary School Leadership Liturgy and Morning Tea for Year 6

Primary School students and parents – 11.00am – 12.00pm


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary