Primary School News

 Evening of Eminence

On Tuesday evening the Primary School quad was transformed into a veritable who’s who of women who have a made an important contribution to the world. The girls had spent the term researching their eminent person, creating a biography, a bio-riddle and a stall containing information, souvenirs, questions to ask and of course food that represented their eminent person. The girls were outstanding as they courageously took to the stage, dressed in character to present their bio-riddle, which gave the audience an insight into the lives some of the world’s most remarkable people.

After reflecting on the evening, one Year 6 student wrote:

“I loved learning about my eminent person. What I enjoyed most of all was the process of collecting information, writing and performing my bio-riddle. Not many people know that when Audrey Hepburn was a child, she had to go into hiding and suffered from malnutrition due to food rationing. The hunger was so severe that she made bread out of tulip flowers.” – Rachel McLachlan    

A big thank you to Miss Ball and Miss Speter for supporting the girls on this fascinating learning journey and Ms Ugonotti, Ms Kearns, parents and Primary School staff for attending.

5 Cent Challenge

Last Friday the Primary School took part in a 5 Cent Challenge with all funds raised going towards purchasing items to sell at the Primary School Kids’ Corner stall at Spring Fair. The class with the longest 5 cent piece line won a movie afternoon complete with lollies and popcorn! The lucky class was 6S, who had 6 lines of coins running the length of the Learning Common. Thank you to Mrs Lee, Mrs Whelen and Ms Ekins for their organisation and to the girls for their generosity.

The girls raised $1,227.75 – that’s a lot of  5 cent pieces!

IPSHA Gymnastics Competition

Congratulations to the following girls who competed at IPSHA Gymnastics Competition this week.



Amelia Shepherd


Ava Hallinan


Carina Wen


Charlize Smyth


Emily Fairbairn


Isabella Scotti


Kristina Taylor


Olivia Sukari


Talia Nicholson


Tara Doyle


Kate Gilsenan


Katherine Pennington


Lucy McKenna


Rachel Walsh


Sinead Hickey



ICAS Digital Technologies 2019

Congratulations to these  girls for their excellent results in the ICAS Digital Technologies Assessment.




Charlotte Barnett Kaitlin Cuthbert Ruby Harrison
Hannah Kent Emily Fairbairn Abbey Timmins
  Isabella Scotti  
  Sophia Singh  
  Olivia Sukari  
  Rose Cunningham  
  Lucy McKenna  
  Rosemary O’Brien  
  Sofia Palermo  
  Sarah Zammit  


Happy Birthday

Hip, hip, hooray to the following birthday girls.  We hope you have a wonderful day!

Anna Cabuil  (Year 5)  30 October
Stephanie Drummond (Year 5)  1 November
Hayley Livy (Year 6) 3 November


We look forward to seeing families and friends at the Spring Fair this Sunday from 10am – 4pm. It’s sure to be a wonderful day!


Upcoming Events

Tuesday 5 November      Year 6 visit Uniform Shop to purchase House Shirts & Year 7 Transition Kits
Wednesday 6 November Primary School “Loreto’s Got Talent” Auditions
Friday 8 November Year 5 2020 & New Year 6 2020 Orientation Day
Saturday 9 November          Year 7 2020 AAS Testing


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary