Primary School News

Primary School News

Frangipani Fair Update

The coins have all been counted and I am pleased to announce that the Primary School will be donating $6271.75 to ‘Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer.’  What a unique opportunity it was for the girls to develop business ideas, work in a team, make a product, market it and sell to the public. We are very grateful for the wonderful community support of such a worthy cause.

Frangipani Fair Reflections

At the beginning of Term 3, we started to plan for Frangipani Fair. We started by choosing our groups of three. We then discussed what we wanted to sell for the Frangipani Fair. We had to come up with three ideas. Our three were cupcakes and lucky dip, raffle tickets and lolly guessing, and stationery. We then took our ideas to our house teacher and they chose what we are going to do for our store out of our three ideas. They chose stationery. We had to come up with a name so we chose Stationery Styling. We decided to start making posters for our store on Pic Collage. After that we looked at Kmart to find the right items for our store. One of us went to Kmart to buy the items a couple days after we decided what items we needed. The next time we got together to work on Frangipani Fair, we started to make our product. We designed on Art Set what our store would look like. On the day of Frangipani Fair, when we arrived at school, we put everything needed under the table. Later when the bell rang, at 8:40, we went to set up our store. When the Frangipani Fair started at 10:30, we all went to do our assigned jobs. As we got further and further into the day, we started to sell out of stationery until we had nothing left. When this happened, we were free to go buy things from other stores. We all had a lot of fun and it was a great experience.

Amelia Korkor (Year 5), Hannah Kent (Year 5) and Niamh Hornby (Year 6)


The Frangipani Fair was a very memorable process. There were many steps to get to the day; when it comes to the day there is a lot of preparation involved. Some of the steps include organising the costing, the posters, the logo and who is responsible for getting the materials. The second step is to bring in the resources and items from home. After that, we needed to organise sustainable packaging. We needed to use paper straws and bio degradable cups so that our stall was sustainable. Then the most exciting part was setting up and waiting for people to come to our stall! It was a very fun time to go around and buy things, meet new people and learning to serve people our product. There were so many stores to buy from such as Friendly Frappuccino’s (us), Cookie Creator, AKA Deserts and many body products. We loved to explore everything and it was a great experience. Ultimately the Frangipani Fair was a fundraiser and we are glad that we could make a good contribution.

Emily Paterson (Year 6), Georgia Lee (Year 6) and Allegra Xiberras (Year 5)


When we were preparing for the fair we were struggling to think of something everyone in our group would enjoy and like to do. We thought of some ideas that would be fun and successful on the day. We ended up with fruit skewers and were really happy with our given stall. Our group found it very difficult to think of prices for all the skewers and dipped strawberries. We discussed and thought about, if we were a customer what we would pay for it? We wanted to think about our profit and make sure we were making money too. Before the day we were also talking as a group about what our name wanted to be and we ended up working as a team and choosing the name. The things that were really fun were learning more about each other while getting on with our work. We also enjoyed planning our table design and buying extra decorations that would look nice. It was fun designing the logo and testing out the colours that would match with our theme.

On the day we were anxious to see if our store would go well or not. We were wondering if anyone was going to come to our stall at all. However, we began to get customers and our confidence lifted. We kept smiling and giving out sales to attract more customers. It was fun to talk to people and have conversations with them. We went around selling the food on little plates with deals, which was a really good idea. At the end of the day we ended up selling a bit of our food for a very small donation since we wanted to sell out of our items. We had a great experience working as a team. We were constantly working on our communication skills and overall we think the day was very enjoyable and successful.

 Sarah Zammit (Year 6), Ivy Hain (Year 6) and Talia Nicholson (Year 5)


Visual Arts

During Visual Arts specialist lessons this term, students from Years 5 and 6 have explored their world through experimentation and inquiry of new expressive forms, materials, techniques, the practice of relevant artists and the creation of their own artworks.

Year 5 students have loved finalising their ceramic work from Term 2 and have begun to explore the practice of the Tjanpi Desert Weavers in response to class investigations of animal adaptations. The study of this indigenous collective has allowed the girls to consider the land as a source of inspiration for indigenous Australian artists. Selecting an Australian animal of their choice, the production of their own textile sculpture has also allowed girls to explore weaving as a form of traditional indigenous women’s craft.

Year 6 students have resolved their wearable dresses inspired by microscopic forms which begun last term and will be displaying their work for Year 5 and senior students in an assembly early in Term 4. An event the whole school is waiting with great anticipation for!

The girls are now working in response to the 2019 value of Sincerity. Through an exploration of its origins and meaning, the girls have come to understand this value as self-awareness, self-acceptance, a desire for growth, openness and honesty with kindness, trust and integrity. Using flowers to express their understanding, students are currently working with acrylic paint to develop a composition embodying Sincerity.



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As this is the last newsletter for the term,  I hope you take the opportunity to have some time with family and friends for rest and relaxation over the upcoming break. School resumes on Monday 14 October and the girls are to return in summer uniform.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary