Primary School News

Primary School News

‘Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of our desire to understand.’

Neil Armstrong

Every Wednesday, the Primary School is abuzz with creativity. ‘See, Think, Wonder,’ is a program that encourages girls to think outside the square. They are challenged to delve deeper into thought provoking problems allowing them to appreciate the interconnected nature of learning.

This week Mr Adams set the girls a problem solving challenge that involved a Sydney Cake Company transporting cakes from a factory in Parramatta to a distribution centre in Coffs Harbour. The route was over 600 km long and it was important to ship as many cakes as possible on each trip. The largest barge was damaged in a recent storm, and needed to be replaced with another watercraft that would support the weight of thousands of boxes of cakes.

In groups, the girls were set the task of designing a boat that would be strong enough to support the most weight and was also the most economical to build. There was a flurry of brainstorming as the girls began the planning stage and are in the process of making modifications to their initial designs. The challenge continues next week with the building and testing phase.  Collaboration, team work and perseverance was evident throughout the challenge. It is great to see that the growth mindset is alive and well in the Primary School. The winning design will be announced next week.


Code Club Challenge

This year a small group of dedicated coders have accepted a challenge. This challenge is a competition run by ‘Tech Girls Movement’. The aim of the competition is to identify, pitch, design and program an app which solves or promotes a problem identified within the school. The TGM promotes women in STEM through a series of novels on the history of technology, science, engineering and mathematics. The girls are encouraged to take on the persona and qualities of a great woman throughout history who challenged or created an idea in their time.

Each team is encouraged to connect with a mentor within STEM industries who assists the students throughout the competition process to submission. The result of this being two-fold, relationships are created with outside partnerships and students are exposed to real-world industries. We wish the girls all the best with their projects in the coming weeks.

Ms Margie Raymond



Upcoming Dates

Thursday 26 May da Vinci Decathlon – Knox Grammar School
Friday 27 May Year 5 Excursion – State Library of NSW
Friday 3 June Loreto Day
Wednesday 8 June Whole School Photos & Siblings
Thursday 9 June    Pupil Free Day
Friday 10 June Pupil Free Day
Monday 13 June Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday



Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary