Primary School News

Primary School News

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.


We are so fortunate at Loreto to experience learning that develops the whole child. In this week’s newsletter, our focus is on the wonderful music program.

Music in the Primary School

Year 5 Music

This term, Year 5 have continued to explore musical concepts. After studying the concepts of Duration and Tone Colour through experiencing an Orff Schulwerk based program, students have now begun to learn about Structure, where we will be focusing on different forms of music and phrasing. Students have participated in a wide variety of learning activities including musical games, challenges and listening analysis. They obtain a thorough understanding of musical concepts by exploring a range of pieces and songs, including works by Australian art music composers. Students are then encouraged to consolidate their understanding of lesson content by creating a summative mind map at the end of each unit to ensure they can link it to their practical experiences and confidently use accurate musical terminology related to the concept. Some highlights this term include learning about a range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments, their unique sound quality and different ways to alter their sound. Students then used their knowledge of these sounds to create graphic notation scores that they could perform to tell a story.

Year 6 Music

Students have expanded their musical knowledge through singing, playing, moving, composing and completing listening analysis of various musical styles this year. The music program for Year 6 aims for students to access and gain an appreciation of a wide range of musical styles. Students have explored music from different cultures, including an African song (“Sponono”) that students recently arranged and performed in small ensembles through dance, body percussion, playing a range of instruments and singing. Year 6 have also researched music of other cultures and have begun presenting their findings to their class this week through a variety of engaging means, including confident speeches, iMovie videos and even games.

Concert Band & Strings

Our Primary School ensembles have been working hard throughout this year and are looking forward to their next performance at the Spring Fair on Sunday 3rd November.

All Primary School students are encouraged to participate in the musical life of Loreto Normanhurst through involvement in our ensembles. The Primary School Concert Band rehearse each Wednesday morning at 7.45am and all girls who play a woodwind and brass instrument are welcome to attend. The Primary School Strings are open to all girls who play the violin, viola or cello. All students have approached each rehearsal with enthusiasm and have made significant progress in their ability to sight-read music and work together as an ensemble this year. Furthermore, various studies (including Guhn, M., Emerson, S. D., & Gouzouasis, P. (2019)) emphasise the benefits of learning music and participating in ensembles, including developing team skills, “hand-mind-eye” coordination, self-discipline to practice, and increased self-efficacy, amongst other benefits.

Students who are interested in learning an instrument or taking voice lessons are encouraged to do so and are welcome to commence lessons in Term 4 (depending on teacher availability). Please email the music department for more information.


Miss Sarah Ashton

Teacher of Music



Congratulations to Charlotte Barnett (Year 05) who last weekend became the State Champion in her age group for Rhythmic Gymnastics. What a wonderful achievement! Sofia Storgato (Year 6) and Tayla Moore (Year 5) both participated at the Primary CIS Athletics Carnival at SOPAC this week, with Sofia finishing 5th and 6th in the 100m and 200m respectively, and Tayla coming 1st in discus and 2nd in shotput. Great work from both girls!


Frangipani Fair

What a wonderful day we had at the Frangipani Fair today. The girls worked feverishly to ensure their products were ready and the stalls were bursting with products. The girls planned many ways to draw customers to their stalls and we have all been so impressed by the planning, organisation and team work displayed by the girls to reach the term long goal of a market day.  The benefits of this program are far reaching and have taught the girls some valuable lessons that will hold them in good stead for life. The monies raised from the market day will go towards ‘Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer.’ Thank you to the students, staff, parents and the Loreto community for attending and supporting this worthy cause.


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Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary