Primary School News

Primary School News

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Year 5 Science Fair

On Tuesday evening Year 5 students hosted a ‘Science Fair’ for parents, siblings and grandparents.

The girls have been very busy this term learning and researching all about endangered animals and their adaptations (structural, behavioural and physiological), habitats, breeding habits and migration. A particular focus has centred upon how animals can adapt and change over time to increase their chance of survival in a particular environment. The Science Fair provided the opportunity for each Year 5 student to present their learning from their Integrated Unit ‘Animal Survival’ (which covered learning in Science, Geography and English) and experiment with different uses of technology, visual literacy and presenting techniques.

For the first part of the night students displayed their personal project on an endangered animal, before moving into the classrooms where the students presented their group projects on their endangered animal. These two processes gave each student the chance to learn independently as well as collaboratively. Presentations included pre-recorded interviews, iMovies, live interviews, slide presentations and speeches. The girls communicated many ideas as to how each and every one of us can help to protect these endangered animals and how all the little things can add up to big differences over time.

Thank you to everyone who attended to support the Year 5 girls in their learning. A big thank you to Miss Best and Mrs Anderson for providing the girls with such a valuable learning experience. Please see some of the girl’s reflections below.

The Science Fair was a great learning experience and lots of fun. I enjoyed presenting in front of all the parents and sharing our presentation about Sea Lions. Sea Lions need to be protected as they are an important part of the ocean and there are lots of things we can do to help them.

Charlize Smyth

I liked learning more about different animals and how we can help to save them. It was interesting to learn how an animal’s adaptations can help them to survive in their environment and can protect them from predators. It was great to be able to present our learning in a different way. My group presented an interview, which we filmed using our iPad and special lights. I really enjoyed the Science Fair and sharing our knowledge with all the parents and siblings.

Mia Basic

I really enjoyed presenting our group’s learning to a large audience and sharing facts about Tasmanian Devils, their habitat, adaptations and why they are vulnerable. It was so interesting to learn that Tasmanian Devils store fat in their tail to help them survive for a few days without food. It was a wonderful experience to work in our groups to research, plan, draft and present our learning in an exciting way.

Kaitlin Cuthbert

One thing I enjoyed during the Science Fair was listening to the other speeches and learning different things about other animals. I also enjoyed creating the speech with my group and I think we all got closer. I really liked researching and then creating an informative writing piece because I got to learn different skills and my knowledge grew.

Eliana Savvides

My animal for the science fair was the Ceratotherium Simum or White Rhino. It was a very interesting animal to research because it has three different sub species, the Eastern White Rhino, the Northern White Rhino and the Southern White Rhino. In the lead up to the Fair I was partnered with two girls that I have not talked to much before or worked with before but now they are two very close friends of mine that I would happily work with again. I learnt so much over the past few weeks and feel very proud of our final product.  

Monique Travers

I really liked presenting at the Science Fair because it was a chance to showcase our work that we have learnt over the past term. I enjoyed watching other girl’s presentations and learning all about different animals. My favourite was researching about my animal (Giant Panda) and getting to learn lots more about it. I really enjoyed such a great night presenting all of our hard work.

Tayla Moore


Frangipani Fair – Friday 13 September | 10.30-2.00pm

Only seven days to go until the Frangipani Fair market day. Get in early for Christmas with wonderful products to purchase ranging from beeswax wraps by ‘Bee Happy’, ice-cream sundaes by ‘Sundaes are better than Mondays’, Bowling and Wheel of Fortune by ‘Bowl for Fortune’, nachos by ‘Mumma’s Mexican’ and Terrariums by ‘Wild Things’. So spread the word and come down and purchase some of the clever creations knowing that all of the funds will be going to Beanies for Brain Cancer.



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