Primary School News

Primary School News

This morning  we had a lovely sausage sizzle breakfast to celebrate Father’s Day. We were delighted to see so many Loreto dads despite the cold and wet weather. The girls had prepared a thoughtful card to share with their dads and I’m sure I saw a few tears as the girls told their fathers how much they mean to them.


Our Day at KPMG!

On Monday five students attended the KPMG pilot program Kidpreneur Ninja Challenge – how to think, act and create like an entrepreneur. See the reflections from the girls below.

 ‘I had so much fun just being able to be at the KPMG building. When Mrs Dwyer told me that I was one of the girls chosen for this experience, it felt like a big honour to be able to represent my school at KPMG. The girls that I was working with were Sofia Palermo, Indiana Thom, Olivia Sukari and Rose Cunningham. Our day started off at Loreto when we got in the minivan and made our way to the city. We were taken into a building and we sat down at a table. I was appointed COO (Chief Operating Officer). We were asked to solve a series of 12 questions that involved problems, scenarios and situations that real entrepreneurs would have to solve in real life. One of our first questions was to pick a financial problem that we had to solve. The one that we picked was to create a device that would help people who are addicted to spending their money and making poor choices with it. Our idea was to create an app that would help people to resist wasting their money carelessly. We called our app ‘isave’. We designed the app so that parents could track their child’s purchases and whenever the person using the app took a large portion of money out of the app it would sent a notification saying something like, “Are you sure you want to buy this?” Or, “Do you really need that?” In the end we did not win, but I thought just being there was such an amazing experience. I really loved KPMG!’

Isabel Marks – Year 5

‘The entrepreneurial program was a great experience! In the program, we were given a problem and we had to create a product that would solve it. Our problem was to create a product or service that could prevent people from spending compulsively. Our team came up with a money box that featured Bluetooth connectivity with an app. The app’s interface would have information such as your savings, goals, restrictions, transactions, allowance and notifications.

Parents would be able to track your transactions on your debit card, prevent you from making transactions at certain shops, give you chores to earn money and give you your allowance. We had to list the benefits and features of our product, our target customer, the logo, and why we like it. We then presented our product to four judges. Although we didn’t win, getting to go there was the best prize!’

Sofia Palermo  & Indiana Thom – Year 6


‘The Entrepreneur Competition was an amazing experience! It taught me a lot about how to create a business, market your product or service, and make money off it. I got to understand what it was like to be the boss, as I was elected CEO. I enjoyed digging through the insights of our problem to find out what our product would do. It was very challenging to stand up in front of the crowd and do a pitch about our product. Overall my team was amazing and I enjoyed the whole experience.’

Olivia Sukari – Year 5


Congratulations to Aoife Berry who recently competed at the Inter School Sports State Championships. Aoife placed 24th in Snowboarding  and 26th in the Giant Slalom. A fantastic achievement.


Year 5 Science Fair 2019

The Year 5 Science Fair will be held next Tuesday 3 September 2019.

The evening will commence at 6:00pm with students sharing their workbooks and a written component of their project. At 6:30pm students will present their group presentations in the Year 5 classrooms. We expect the evening to conclude at 7:30pm.

We hope you can join us to celebrate the students’ learning in our Science, Geography and English Units this term.



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Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary