Primary School News

Primary School News

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.



 On Monday, 13 girls from Year 5 and 6 took part in the RoboCup Junior NSW Open Competition in the Primary Rescue at Sydney Olympic Park. The girls have been working hard every Tuesday morning to prepare for this competition, creating the code and building the robots to perform the challenge.

Following are some reflections of the day;

‘Our group went through a series of problems when creating our code. We had some struggles leading up to the RoboCup. Our robot did not work too well and our code was glitching in the lead up to the competition. We persevered and worked together to problem solve a solution. We asked to borrow Group 2’s robot and then our code ended up working. We came to the conclusion that our robot had some hardware issues. The robot ended up working after lots of work and we ended up placing 7th in the competition.  We are greatly looking forward to next year to learn more and to become more prepared for the 2020 RoboCup.’. 

–  Amelia Shepherd, Stephanie Knox , and Monique Travers 


What did you enjoy about the RoboCup?

We liked seeing if our program worked and if it didn’t, then we could work out how to fix and edit our program.

How did you overcome problems with each other?

We tried it again and again seeing where it stopped and then went from there! We didn’t worry too much because we knew we could work as a great team. We never gave up.

How do you you think you went overall in the competition?

Even though we were struggling, we tried our best, and that’s what matters. We think we did well!

What were some struggles in the RoboCup and overall on Tuesdays?

At the RoboCup we struggled on green detection and can rescue. On Tuesdays mornings we struggled because our line following and green detecting programs were muddled up and lost in all our different codes and tabs.

What do like about robotics?

We like coding little bit by little bit because otherwise we will go backwards and not move towards our goal.

How will you overcome these problems in the future?

If we have too many tabs we will delete any programs we don’t need.

– Katherine Pennington, Grace Drake, Sidney Dixon, Ainsley Benbow


Year 6 trip to Canberra

As part of the study of the Australian Government, Year 6 journeyed to Canberra for a jam packed three-day excursion. First stop was a guided tour of the Royal Australian Mint and then a one-hour discovery tour of the National Gallery of Australia. The girls loved hearing the stories behind the paintings and very much enjoyed the Sidney Nolan exhibition featuring Ned Kelly. The Electoral Education Centre saw the girls taking part in the voting process.

Day two started with the Australian War Memorial. The girls were stunned at how young the soldiers were when they went to war and stated that the personal stories were so touching it made them want to know more about Australian history. The girls purchased red poppies to place on the Roll of Honour. The Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House saw the girls transformed into the members of parliament. In the evening, the highly anticipated Questacon did not disappoint.

Today the girls  visited Parliament House where they had a guided tour of the House of Representatives as well as the Senate. The girls learnt about the roles in a parliamentary meeting and asked many intelligent questions. The highlight of the day was the opportunity to debate a Bill before it was passed

The girls said they really enjoyed learning so much about our nation’s capital and they loved the opportunity to bond with girls they didn’t know very well. Thank you to Ms Ball, Ms Speter and Mrs Mannes for accompanying the girls.

How much do you know about Body Image?

Body image is the perception that a person has of their physical self and the thoughts and feelings that are caused by this perception. These feelings can be positive or negative. Research suggests that a child can form an opinion about their body from a very young age and that such opinions are influenced by many things including, individual and environmental factors.  Parents can also play a critical role in helping their child respect all body shapes and develop a positive body image.

In this weeks’ edition of SchoolTV we explore some of these influences including the role the media play in portraying images around the ‘ideal’ body shape. Parents can gain a greater understanding of how a negative body image can trigger eating disorders in some children and the signs and indicators around this.  There are also useful suggestions from leading experts to assist you in navigating this subject. 

Click here to access this edition of SchoolTV, which provides some excellent resources on this topic and gives useful strategies for promoting healthy habits.


We look forward to welcoming our Loreto dads and grandfathers next Friday as we celebrate Father’s Day.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary