Primary School News

Primary School News

An understanding of the natural world is a source of not only great curiosity, but great fulfilment.

 David Attenborough


The girls have quickly settled into the rhythm and routine of Term 3. We have a busy term full of learning, including Book Week in Week 4. The theme is, ‘Reading is my Secret Power.’ Families are invited to celebrate with us and watch the Book Week Parade on Friday 16 August from 9.00am-10.00am.


Science in Year 5

In Year 5 this term we are focusing on the Living World in Science. We have begun our investigations of what plants need in order to survive; water, light and nutrients.

By conducting an experiment, the students have continued to develop their scientific investigation skills specifically looking at how to document the process, observations and conclusions from their experiment. 

Prediction was an important part of our experiment as used their prior knowledge of how plants survive to create a testable question. Our experiments led to some interesting and thought-provoking discussions as students described their individual observations and the possible impact of being able to create a fair test across each group.  


“Our prediction for the cup with nutrients was correct and the one without nutrients surprised us because we didn’t think that the seeds would sprout and they did. However, the cup with lots of nutrients sprouted very green leaves whereas the one without any nutrients sprouted very little pale green/yellow leaves. We really enjoyed doing this experiment and watering the plants to see what would happen at the end.”

– Stephanie Drummond, Bianca Buchanan and Veronica Day


“What a wonderful experience!”

Our group really enjoyed designing our own plant that we made changes to. Our experiment was unsuccessful because our results did not match our hypothesis. One of the plants went missing which left us with no results but the other plant was successful! The changes we made to our plants was that one had a lot of water and one had less water. If we were to conduct this experiment again we would make sure that we place our cups in a safe place so they don’t get affected by the wind. We had lots of fun doing this experiment and learnt to take more care of the plant.

– Charlotte Symons, Cartier Tsagaris, Mia Khoudair and Milly Stone


“During this exciting experiment we found it very intriguing to learn that cress seeds still sprout without sun, but when given  sunlight they grow better. We think it is crucial that all scientists or people doing experiments come up with a hypothesis before testing. We think this because it shows other people what you think will happen. This experiment was fascinating and we hope to do something like it again.”

– Sidney Dixon and Hannah Kent


“We thought that our plant with sunlight was going to grow and our plant without sunlight would not grow, but we were wrong. The sunlight plant did work but the non-sunlight plant grew bigger! The non-sunlight plant turned yellow. Animals in caves are normally a light colour so maybe it has something to do with that. We also think that maybe we put a bit too much water so it could possibly have made our plants growth slower. If we were to do it again we wouldn’t add as much water and would keep it an equal amount.”

– Zoe Kha, Alannah Frangi and Eliana Savvides


“Our test was to compare whether plants could survive without sunlight. Daily, we put one tablespoon of water into our cups, which contained cotton balls and cress seeds. We didn’t know that we were receiving such a small amount of cotton balls, and our original watering amount overflowed the cup. We had to work around these problems. One plant grew more, but the other grew less and  the appearance was a pale yellow on the leaves. Our results show that even though without sunlight, there is still a chance of growth.”

– Amelia Shepherd, Isabel Marks and Charlotte Symons




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We look forward to seeing families at the Athletics Carnival on Monday from 11.00am.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary