Primary School News

Primary School News

Good leaders invigorate lives; they’re like spring rain and sunshine.

Proverbs 16:15


Welcome back to all our families. We hope you had a relaxing holiday time with family and friends.

Today the Semester 2 leaders came together to be commissioned in their roles by Ms Ugonotti in a joyous Liturgy. The girls were called to be part of the rich Loreto tradition and to lead by example in the way they live and speak and the choices they make and in particular how they will use their gifts to serve our community and lead the Primary School. We concluded the service with a prayer for our Year 6 leaders and a beautiful blessing sung by Sofia Palermo and Christiana Vella. Girls and parents then joined together in the Primary School to enjoy a celebratory morning tea.


Frangipani Fair

This week also saw the much anticipated ‘Frangipani Fair’ kick off. Guest speaker, Mrs Lara Thom (mother of Indiana in Year 6 and an ex Loreto girl) shared her wisdom with us about what it takes to become an entrepreneur. Mrs Thom told us an inspirational story of her time becoming a successful entrepreneur, including creating large baby wraps, the Master Chef line of cooking products for kids and her current role as Global Chief Marketing Officer for Guzman y Gomez. She told us tips and tricks for creating a business and products for our Frangipani Fair. These included ideas about pricing, quality of product/s and much more! We all appreciated the  tips about starting a business and they will definitely come into play when we get started in creating our stalls for the Frangipani Fair. 

Mrs Thom also told us that if things don’t work out the you wanted them to, then you can try and fix them by being persistent and that you can do anything if you put your mind to it and she believes her Loreto education, in particular Mary Ward’s words, ‘Women in time to come, will do much,’ set her up for her inspirational journey. Mrs Thom also offered to listen to the girls pitch their product ideas (via FaceTime – she is a very busy lady!) and offer feedback. 

Mrs Thom told Steven Marks, the Founder of Guzman y Gomez about her presentation, and as the father of two young girls, Mr Marks is really passionate about girls’ education here and overseas. He was so excited to hear how interested the girls were in building businesses and products and if time and his diary permits, he may come to the Frangipani Fair to see what the girls come up with. We are so grateful to Mrs Thom for sharing her time with us. She serves as a wonderful inspiration of the value of a Loreto education. The Frangipani Fair Market Day takes place on Friday 13 September. Save the date as it certainly is a day not to be missed.

During the holidays Charlotte Horbach from Year 5 spent a week in Brisbane representing the NSW Institute of Sport, training and competing at the Australian Elite Junior Diving championships. She received gold in the 1 metre spring board and bronze in 3 metre spring board events. This is an outstanding achievement Charlotte, well done!

With the Year 6 excursion to Canberra quickly approaching, we strongly suggest that if the girls have not purchased a Loreto polar fleece it might be wise to do so given the icy conditions in Canberra. Uniforms are available to be purchased through Flexischools and will be delivered directly to your daughter at school.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary


SchoolTV  Edition : Drug and Alcohol use

Many parents are concerned about alcohol as well as other drugs as their children grow up, and for good reason. Young people are at greater risk of alcohol-related harm than adults. Relatively recent research has shown that the brain keeps developing until we are in our mid-twenties, and that alcohol is more harmful than previously thought to young people. Research findings include:

  • Young people who use alcohol and drugs before their brain has fully developed are at increased risk for future addiction.
  • Those who start drinking before the age of 15, are five times more likely to develop alcohol abuse or dependence than those who first use alcohol at the age of 18 or older.
  • Alcohol exposes teenagers to a greater risk of injury and harm, and doing things they may later regret, than adults.
  • Teenagers are likely to drink more and take more risks when drinking compared to older people.

Click here for this edition of SchoolTV. You can also access a special report on e-cigarettes and vaping by clicking on this link.

It was wonderful to have Paul Dillon speak to our Years 10-12 students this week and to hear the pertinent messages he provides to our young people. I encourage you to peruse the information provided in this edition of SchoolTV and to continue the dialogue with your daughter at home.


Mrs Lynn Long

Director of Pastoral Care