Primary School News

Primary School News

We all have the duty to do good.

Pope Francis


This week in the Primary School we had the privilege of listening to a large number of outstanding speeches for leadership positions in Semester 2. All of the girls spoke with such passion about our values, being of service to others and in particular, the pride they felt in being a Loreto girl. The girls had lots of good ideas they wanted to implement in the Primary School. Surprisingly one girl sang her entire speech, it was very entertaining. As one student said ‘I think I would be a good leader and with guidance I may even be a great one. But even if I am never a leader, I will always be proud to call myself a Loreto girl.’

Leadership at Loreto Normanhurst is servant leadership and has its foundation in the words of Jesus Christ. We choose to lead through service to others and working for the common good of the school community. The current Primary School leaders have done a superb job over the last Semester. It has been such a joy to watch them grow in confidence in their roles. During the week, the girls spoke about all they had learned and what they will impart to the incoming leaders. I am extremely grateful for the way they have conducted themselves and the leadership they have displayed in their roles. 

I am pleased to announce that the Primary School Leaders for Semester 2, 2019 are as follows;

Primary School Leaders

Amy Bourke & Grace Parker

Benedicta House Leaders

Sofia Bartucciotto & Jessica Summerton

Clare House Leaders

Sarah Zammit & Indiana Thom

Dorothea House Leaders

Stephanie Wilkins & Elina Degani


Congratulations to these students. We look forward to their leadership in these roles.


Semester 1 Leader Reflections:

“I’ve learnt that being a leader isn’t just telling everyone what to do and where to go but it’s also organising things and helping people out when they need help, being a friend when they need one and caring for them when they need caring for.”

Aoife Berry – Dorothea House Leader


“My favourite things that I get to do being a leader is planning and doing assemblies, house sport and carnivals. All of these activities need cooperation and teamwork. I have become more flexible and I have been able to work with new people as a team. I have worked with Miss Ball and Mrs Dwyer and have gotten to see all of the secrets and fun things the Leaders plan. I wish the new leaders well and hope that they will have as much fun as I have had being part of the Primary School Leadership Team.”

Zara Wilson – Benedicta House Leader 


“It was an honour to be a semester 1 leader in the primary school. Loreto Normanhurst is a wonderful school and hopefully I was able to help others to feel that they belong to this beautiful community.”

Lucy McKenna – School Leader


“It was such an honour to be a Clare house leader, I got to learn so much more about how to be a leader and what makes one. I really enjoyed getting to know more about the other leaders and spending time with them during the week. I thought that it was hard to think of creative activities for my house to play and that everyone would like! This might sound funny but it was also so hard to learn everyone’s name in my house since there are so many people. I hope the Semester 2 leaders have so much fun too! “

Ivy Hain – Clare House Leader


“This Semester, I have loved to run house sport and the cross country carnival because I love the House spirit that goes into it, when it comes to the cheers, the smiles on people’s faces, people having a go and the sea of colours that I see throughout the houses. Being a leader, I have loved to work with the leadership team in assemblies, meetings, liturgies, working out new ways to use something in the school and a lot more fun opportunities that I have been lucky enough to participate in and I have loved being a leader. This has been a really great experience for me this Semester, especially in overcoming my confidence when speaking, having the courage to stand up to things and so much more. I have loved to meet new girls and it has been a wonderful experience. Congratulations and good luck to the next leaders – have a go, try new things and have fun!”

Emily Paterson – Clare House Leader


“I really liked encouraging the girls at the carnival. I very much enjoyed working with Zara, as she provided a different point of view.”

Grace Drake – Benedicta House Leader


“It has been both an honour and a privilege to serve my fellow Dorotheans as House Captain for the past six months. I have come to know how deeply devoted Dorotheans are to our traditions, how the bonds that bind us as soul sisters on the sporting field also sustain us with a spirit of friendship in the competitive arena of every day life. I will always truly treasure the memory of being able to walk with you and beside you in the ups and downs, on field and off-field for the past six months, and hope to continue to do so even when not a leader, but as your fellow student, friend and best buddy.”

Christiana Vella – Dorothea House Leader


“I thoroughly enjoyed speaking openly to all the girls as it enabled them to get to know me and it also helped me use my new confidence me in a number of different areas.”

Sofia Palermo – School Leader


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary