Primary School News

Primary School News

There is a secret trail of books meant to inspire and enlighten you. Find that trail.

Ben Okri


On Monday evening we are holding the 2019 Primary Parent Welcome Dinner and Maths Information Night. The Maths Information session will look at Loreto Normanhurst’s current approach to mathematics in the Primary School. Our presenter, Mrs Laurinda Lomas, has been an educator in the independent and public sector for more than 20 years including spending extensive time in K-6 classrooms as both a classroom teacher and curriculum leader. She has also worked as a mathematics consultant for the Association of Independent Schools across NSW, and is currently completing her doctoral studies in the teaching and learning of mathematics. Mrs Lomas will discuss Loreto Normanhurst’s approach to mathematics and parents will have fun engaging with hands-on problem solving activities. 


We have had a number of guest speakers this week in the Primary School. Below are some of the highlights that the girls enjoyed.

Children’s Bookshop 

On Tuesday we were visited by Paul from the Children’s Bookshop. The Children’s Bookshop was established in 1971 and is the oldest specialist bookshop in Australia.

“I really enjoyed learning about the different books that are recommended for our age. I even earned a book during the session which I have already started to read, it has a very interesting story line.”
Rose Cunningham,Year 6

“It was interesting to find out what genre of books are popular amongst our age group. I also liked that Paul talked about books that we may like in the future as we develop as readers.”
Amy Bourke, Year 6

“Sometimes I find it hard to choose a book I am interested in, but Paul was really helpful in explaining to everyone what  popular books and genres we might find interesting. He gave some recommendations I am excited to read.”
Mia Khoudair, Year 5


Bully Busters 

On Wednesday the Class Act Theatre visited the Primary School to perform their play, Bully Busters. This play examines the different types of bullying behaviour, and how we can work together to stand up and support each other against any form of bullying.  

“I think Bully Busters was teaching and emphasising to us that bullying is not right and sometimes we can contribute to mean behaviour without really considering the effects, like not standing up or showing support because there are different types of bullying.”
Zara Middleton, Year 5

“We should stop bullying because it can really have an effect on people’s lives, sometimes people can even want to avoid school because of it.”
Stephanie Drummond, Year 5

“The Bully Busters performance gave some really helpful advice about how to handle bullying. I think it is important we all stand together, support each other and not accept any form of bullying.”
Jess Summerton, Year 6


See Think Wonder 

In our See Think Wonder time this week, Sr Frances Browne IBVM came to discuss her Loreto story and connection with the Loreto traditions, as well as her contribution over the years. We were also fortunate enough to see some artefacts from Loreto Normanhurst’s history presented by Ms Curtis, the school archivist.

“See Think Wonder was very interesting this week. It was amazing to see how much Loreto Normanhurst has changed over the years. I loved seeing the old uniforms and think I would have liked to wear some of the old uniform styles.”
Anna Cabuil, Year 5

“When we were listening to how the uniforms changed it was fascinating. Sister Frances told us that when she was at Loreto they celebrated birthdays in the Boarding House by having a cake for all students. I was surprised to find out that there used to only be four colour houses and now there are eight in the senior school.”
Zoe Kha, Year 5

“I was so interested to see how the school has changed over the years, it is amazing to think we were once in the country-side and now we are in the busy city. The uniforms have changed so much, particularly for our sports uniform. When Sister Frances told us how the girls used to do their homework in silence and the bell was hand rung it made me think about how much history our school has.”
Ruby Mazzei,Year 6



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We look forward to welcoming all parents to the Primary Parent Welcome Dinner and Maths Evening next Monday Information Night at 7.00pm.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary