Primary School News

Primary School News

Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.

Mother Teresa


There was much excitement in the Primary School today as our Year 5 students prepared to meet the newest members of the Primary School for Year 5 and Year 6 2019. It was also lovely to see the sisters of current students joining the Primary School.

We began the day in the Learning Common where the girls and their families met the Primary teachers and the Leadership Team. The girls with their orientation buddies, played some ‘getting to know each other’ games and explored the school on a treasure hunt. Our current Year 5 girls showed such pride as they walked the girls around the school and talked about what they had learnt this year. We had a lovely morning tea with our new families, where connections and new friendships began to take shape. After building towers made of nothing more than marshmallows and toothpicks, a delicious sausage sizzle was enjoyed by all. After lunch we all joined together again for a Primary Assembly and Dance Fever in the afternoon.


Learning Enrichment

Primary Learning Enrichment has been busy this term with new initiatives such as MacqLit, Primary Puzzlers, Extension Maths groups and concluding with the Maths Olympiad and Maths Games competition. We have also continued with the Early Bird Maths Master class as well as introducing a writing workshop too.

MacqLit is the ‘gold standard’ in group based reading intervention and is a natural progression from what some students were doing in the past with the MultiLit ‘Reading Tutor Programme.’ For those girls in Year 6, it will be continued in Year 7 so this will roll over next year into the secondary school. The programme addresses aspects of reading such as accuracy, fluency as well as comprehension and also targets spelling strategies. MacqLit is a research based, explicit instruction, group approach to reading intervention and has been developed by the MultiLit team. We currently have three concurrent groups involved in this initiative.

Primary Puzzlers was a school wide, weekly competition where mathematical puzzles were solved by the students.  It gave everyone the opportunity to think abstractly about simple numerical tasks and challenge their thinking. You can find more of these super fun tasks at to tickle your maths brain!

Maths Games and Maths Olympiad concluded at the end of Term 3. Congratulations to all the participants who used their lunch times to complete the assessments and who persevered in extending their mathematical thinking.

Our Early Bird Maths Masterclass focused on multiplicative reasoning to build concepts around division as well as knowledge in fractions.  Twice weekly the students used their ‘growth mindset’ to consistently demonstrate perseverance and dedication to learning and achieving goals. The new Year 5 writing workshop on a Friday morning has similar targets whereby the students are practising their writing skills to gain proficiency and extend their performance.

This term our open ended maths extension tasks have been incorporated into our in-class lessons to provide students with challenging tasks such as the ‘Theory of Flight” experiment. This will introduce new opportunities as they will have the option to participate in similar tasks next year.  For example, the ‘Investigating with Mathematics’ competition which is run at a state level by the Mathematical Association of NSW, aims to promote interest in mathematics and foster positive attitudes amongst students, teachers and parents.

In the interim, we wish all Year 6 students, and especially those who we have had the privilege of supporting over the last two years, the best of luck next year and hope that their transition into the secondary school is smooth, positive and adventure filled!  Next year we are looking forward to meeting all the new Year 5 students and providing them with exciting and challenging learning opportunities to help them grow into confident Loreto learners.


Mrs Mannes, Mrs Butterfield and Mrs Cesamolo

Learning Enrichment Team


ICAS English Competition

Congratulations to the following girls for strong results in the UNSW ICAS English Competition.




Jessica Anderson (Yr 6) Elina Degani (Yr 5) Rose Cunningham (Yr 5)
Francesca Byrne-Fister (Yr 6) Nicole Del Rio (Yr 5) Rosemary O’Brien (Yr 5)
Ruby Harrison (Yr 5) Josephine Egan (Yr 6) Abbey Timmins (Yr 5)
Chiara Leonardi (Yr 6) Chelsea Gleeson (Yr 6)  
Lucy McKenna (Yr 5) Olivia Klostermann (Yr 6)  
Rachel Walsh (Yr 5) Lauren Lawer (Yr 6)  
Sarah Zammit (Yr 5) Laura Nutt (Yr 6)  
  Sofia Palermo (Yr 5)  
  Grace Parker (Yr 5)  
  Lily Sorensen (Yr 5)  
  Sofia Storgato (Yr 5)  



Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary