Primary School

Primary School

At Loreto Normanhurst we place great importance on providing the girls with a variety of opportunities to participate in all aspects of school life fully and proudly. It has been a very busy week in the Primary School. Please read ahead to see the girls’ reflection on the week that was.

Cross Country Carnival – House Leaders

On Thursday we all participated in the Primary Cross-Country carnival. It was full of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. There was consistent support and encouragement, and everyone was cheering on their classmates. We have confidence that every single student loved the chanting and cheers and enjoyed the event. There was great House Spirit and sportsmanship shown throughout the whole event and the running was incredible. A huge congratulations out to everyone that participated!! The House Cup and Spirit cup will be presented next week once the points have been counted. The results of the under 10, under 11 and under 12 races are as follows:

Under 10 Girls 2km Race

  • 1st – Georgia Mercer-Witenden
  • 2nd – Charlotte Stephenson
  • 3rd – Lucy Saad

Under 11 Girls 3km Race

  • 1st – Seren D’Souza
  • 2nd – Tessa Young
  • 3rd – Grace Vukasovic

Under 12 Girls 3km Race

  • 1st – Eva Cusick
  • 2nd – Gabi Connell
  • 3rd – Luci Durston

Written by Alyssa Blackman, Sasha Buchanan, Juliet De Zotti, Gabi Connell, Luci Durston, Porsha Gill, Daisy Manassen, Portia Rowland-Stefanic (House leaders & School leaders)

Brainstorm Productions

Brainstorm Productions is a theatre company that provides educational programs using storytelling, music, movement and positive young role models to empower students with practical social and emotional skills. This program is designed to complement our school’s existing cyber safety, student wellbeing and anti-bullying programs. The girls very much enjoyed the program. Please see their reflections below:


We liked that the actors were really in sync with their movements. They knew all their lines perfectly and could do so many things with only two people. We took away the lesson that we should never give any personal information to strangers or people we think we know online, and you should never lie because once you do the lies can become a sea of lies. The story also shows that you should never get aggressive and lose control. It was interesting to see the actors switch roles and costumes so easily. It was a relatable and a cool storyline.

Amy Huang & Chiara Michael – Year 5

We liked the fantastic sound effects, the amazing acting as well as the actions and the moral of the story (the moral of the story is to be kind and don’t listen to bullies). We learnt from this performance that you should have supervision when playing online games, don’t have an Instagram account until you’re 13 and if you are in a mean, toxic group of friends find new ones. What we found interesting is that the internet/social media can be very dangerous if you’re not being safe and that you can’t undo your actions.

Grace Solomon & Aesha Dias – Year 5

We really enjoyed the buddy quest production. It had a lot of comedy and humour, it also reeled us in and made us want to keep watching; it was a great play. We learned how to be a true friend in this performance and we learned to always be kind caring and honest. It was great how well they presented what they wanted to get through to us. We really became interested when they were dramatic. We also found it interesting when they talked about friendships and how to be a good friend, for instance how to tell someone no and speaking nicely. And finally, we were really interested that the internet can be dangerous and how to stay safe.

Adele Sperlby and Ilariya Lawandi – Year 5

Yesterday we watched a play about buddies. In the play there was a little girl called Lucy and a boy called Charlie. Lucy started lying to her friends and stared playing online games with strangers. Charlie started to not believe in himself and throw rocks at windows and steal. We liked how the story was a play not just listing ideas and that it was interactive and funny. We learnt that we need to help our friends stand up for themselves. We also learnt that we shouldn’t play online games without our parents’ permission and supervision. We liked how they made the friendship rings look like they appeared out of thin air when they were finding them on their quest.

Abigail Boyle and Lyla Dooley – Year 5

We found it interesting that they turned it into a creative story/play rather than standing and speaking to us naming all the rules we can and can’t do. They turned it into something that kids will like, and they also actually taught us what could happen from our choices online can be a bit dangerous.

Tayla Miller and Georgia Mercer-Witenden – Year 5

YLead – Year 6

Last Friday, Year 6 had the Y Lead incursion where we learned about how to be a good leader.

It was a fun and exciting! We played games like Cops and Robbers, and persistence games. We were shown the acronym LEAD (Learning from your mistakes, encouraging others, acknowledging your mistakes, and Developing connections), and all the games were based on the acronym.

One of the most popular games was the Cops and Robbers activity where the cops sat on chairs and only one cop was in to get the robber. We learned to work together to benefit the team. Another game we enjoyed was being in groups and representing one of our qualities. We did challenges based on the qualities and learned to acknowledge each other in a group.

It was so much fun, and our instructors were so nice and caring. We hope the Year 5s have as much fun next year as Year 6 did this year. We wish we could do it again!

Olive Ledwidge and Amelia Moyes – Year 6

Happy Birthday

Hip, hip, hooray and happy birthday to Phoebe. We hope you had a wonderful day!


As you have heard from Ms Ugonotti’s communication yesterday, we will be adding an additional stream of Year 5 to the Primary School next year. We feel very fortunate and excited that we will be able to extend our wonderful community.

Good luck to all our sporting teams this weekend.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary