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Primary School

Year 5 Science Fair

It was a hive of activity in Year 5 last week as all things scientific were taking place.

We began the week with the very successful Science Fair where the girls were able to choose their own area of interest and questions about Space. I was amazed by the research, presentations and explanations. I definitely learned a few things I didn’t know before!

Following this the girls were lucky enough to have a Zoom session with Professor Tamara Davis, who is a Professor and Vice-Chancellor’s Research and Teaching Fellow at The University of Queensland. Professor Davis is a cosmologist investigating new fundamental physics, such as the properties of dark energy and dark matter and the mass of the neutrino. She performed cosmological analyses for two prominent international supernova surveys, before returning to Australia in 2008 to work with the WiggleZ dark energy survey, which made one of the largest maps of the distribution of galaxies in the universe. Professor Davis is now helping lead the Australian Dark Energy Survey (OzDES), measuring thousands of supernovae and hundreds of supermassive black holes. The aim of all these surveys is to understand our fundamental laws of nature.

Even with all of these incredible achievements, Professor Davis was able to talk to the girls in a way that made the science accessible coupled with some incredible images of the Solar System.

A big thank you to Miss Best and Mrs Anderson for providing the girls with such a valuable learning experience. Please see some of the girl’s reflections.


“Tamara Davis amazed us with how much knowledge she has on Space. On behalf of Year 5 I think we can say we all learnt something new. It fascinated us with how much more there is out in our universe and beyond. It was amazing to find out so much information on craters, planets, black holes & much more. Tamara filled us with her everlasting facts & observations. She took us through a virtual model that showed us what else there is out there for example; the universe, stars & meteors. We all enjoyed her zoom!”

 Lola Rahme and Isla Gooley


“We are in awe at all the intriguing information that Professor Tamara Davis taught and explained incredibly to us. It was fascinating that the Earth seems enormous to us but is absolutely tiny to the universe. We can guarantee that all of Year 5 clearly cherished every piece of valuable learning that we were given.

 Questions were asked, comments were made, and we were amused, amazed and awed by every little fact we were told. We couldn’t believe that Saturn is classified a planet despite it having not cleared the debris/rings around it. We had no idea that so much of our universe had been discovered by space telescopes! We are now encouraged to take care of our planet and the ozone layer because Earth is the only discovered planet that humans can inhabit.

 The amount of information Professor Tamara Davis has taught us, has exploded our brains with things we never thought we would come upon. We’re sure that all of Year 5 are eager to learn and discover even more of what Professor Tamara Davis knows. We are so grateful that such a highly regarded astronomer who has done things like devoting Pluto into a dwarf planet, would take the time to come speak with us and we hope we can learn from her again.

 This experience was extraordinarily amazing!”

 Portia Rowland-Stefanic and Luci Durston


“Professor Davis shared lots of excellent information about life in space with us. What we found most interesting was how many galaxies scientists have discovered and yet billions are yet to be found. Also, the telescopes that astrophysicists use to track asteroids from all around the solar system are impressive to an extent where they can locate how they orbit. Professor Davis is so important in her field that she was a part of the team who had to decide if Pluto was to continue being considered a planet or not. All of Year 5 really enjoyed her zoom and learnt so much. “

Amelia Moyes and Sasha Buchanan


“I found the Zoom really interesting because I learnt a lot, I mean a lot of things that I didn’t know.

My favourite part was when Professor Davis showed us pictures of earth and the video of how much of space that we have discovered. Something I found really interesting was that stars have been in space for over 11 billion years.”

Elizabeth Pennington


“Something I found interesting is when Professor Tamara talked about hadron colliders, and how they smash particles, atoms, and molecules together at really high speeds and heat to try to figure out how the universe was formed and how molecules are made.

Another thing I found interesting is when Professor Tamara talked about Black Holes. She briefly talked about black holes, which along with stars, dark matter/energy, light and energy are my favourite and most researched parts of astronomy, Astrophysics, galactic archaeology and cosmology. I think most of those subjects hold the key to the beginning and end of the universe, and what the Big Bang was, and how it formed.”

Annie Goodall

Write a Book in a Day

Congratulations to our Write a Book in a Day students who undertook this project this week. Under the oversight of the primary school Teacher-Librarian, Ms Caroline Walton and in conjunction with the library staff at the senior school, the primary girls works will be displayed in the senior school library in Term 4. 

Public Speaking 2020

The girls have been busy presenting their speeches to their classmates in anticipation of the Public Speaking finals next Wednesday.

The finalists are as follows:

5A 5B 6B 6S
Amelia Moyes Daisy Manassen Isabel Marks Charlotte Barnett
Portia Rowland-Stefanic Zara Traini Stephanie Knox Jessica Trovato
Eva Cusick Sarah Hayek Amelia Korkor Tayla Moore
Rachel Antony Annie Goodall Monique Travers Josephine Milkins

Merit Certificates

Congratulations to the following girls for receiving Merit Certificates at our Assembly.

5B 5A 6S 6B
Alyssa Bouchahine – Displaying Verity Audrey Esgate – Displaying Verity Leah Kebblewhite – Displaying Verity Mia Khoudair – Displaying Verity
Porsha Gill – Approach to Learning Sophie Katsikogianis – Approach to Learning Emilie Boshoff – Approach to Learning Sophie O’Halloran – Approach to Learning
Sophia Tesoriero – Growth Mindset Sophia Harman – Approach to Learning Chloe Winterton – Growth Mindset Samantha Zahra – Approach to Learning
Sarah Hayek – House Spirit Isabella Moretti – Growth Mindset Stephanie Drummond – Growth Mindset Chloe Leivesley – Growth Mindset
  Jemima McNicol – House Spirit    
Miss Manners –  Juliet De Zotti

Hip, hip, hooray to the following birthday girls.  We hope you had a wonderful day!

Amelie, Josie & Mia

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 23 September                            Public Speaking Competition                      


With the holidays nearly upon us, I hope you take the opportunity to have some time with family and friends for rest and relaxation over the break. School resumes on Monday 12 October and the girls are to return in full summer uniform.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary