Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The Year of Justice

Term 4 is moving along at a rapid rate and pace. Light Entertainment rehearsals are in full swing and next year’s Music Festival discussions around the theme are well under way.

Last week’s Orientation Days with new students on Thursday and Friday was busy and very successful. These days provide opportunities for our existing students to show their support to new students who will become their peers and friends. I am sure you will enjoy reading Tamsyn and Charlotte’s reflection below.

On Wednesday, the new SRC Team participated in their SRC Induction. The students discussed how to build a team, a culture of trust and ways that their work will complement the Student Council’s emerging priorities of ‘Building Spirit’ and ‘Building Connections’ over the next twelve months. I thank the students for their enthusiasm and willingness to work with the SRC Teachers and their SRC/Communications Captain, Breanna Ivankovic. In particular, I wish to thank Ms de Mattia, Mr Moran, Dr Franks and Mr Napper for their leadership and work with the students in this space at the induction.


Orientation Day 2018

On Thursday 25 October the Loreto Normanhurst community welcomed new 2019 Loreto girls into our school on Orientation Day. Orientation Day was a buzz of anticipation and mixed emotions for the new students coming in to Years 7 – 11 next year. There was also excitement for all existing Loreto girls to see who would be joining them in our school community. It was a great day of spirit and a sense of friendship as we could see the new students beginning to build connections with other girls and the staff.

We were all excited by the eagerness of our new students whilst appreciating that for some it was also a  day of nerves. We will do our best to make everyone feel  they belong when they arrive in 2019. We met the new students during the day, and they also  experienced Tutor Group time and spent time with the House Captains  in their respective Houses along with their Head of House. We thank our Heads of House for the work they did on the day to make the girls feel right at home at Loreto Normanhurst. Every new student received a copy of “Normo in a Nutshell”  which is also available to you here to peruse. This was a new initiative implemented by last year’s Student Council which has become a distinct feature of a Loreto Normanhurst Orientation.

We hope our new students had as much fun as we did and are as excited to start the new year with us. Thank you to all the girls who helped out on the day and for giving a friendly smile to any visitors walking through the school.

Tamsyn Coetzee, 2019 Academic Activities Captain and Charlotte Ryan, 2019 Kendall House Captain


Conversations this week:

Yr 11

Student Council Conversation

Yr 10

Sport Conversation with Mr Mulroney

Yr 9

Mission Conversation with Mr Merchant

Yr 7/8

Conversations with Advisors


Absences Follow Up

We thank parents for working with the Student Services Office to sign off on student absences. As you know, we have written to you about the ways to notify the school about this. Where possible an email notification to is the preferred method. Alternatively, you can still hand in a written note or make a phone call. Semester Two reports will be issued later in the term and it is our hope that we can finalise all outstanding absences before these are issued.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at the school or via email.


Mr Justin Madigan

Dean of Pastoral Care