Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

‘The art of Democracy and Leading – Part 2’

In last week’s Pastoral Care newsletter, I wrote about the principles of democracy and the challenges we face in Australian politics. A week has now passed and we have a new Prime Minister and a reshaped Cabinet intent on getting back to the business of leading the country. Loreto Normanhurst has also had a very busy time in the leadership space. This week saw the outgoing Student Council hand over their leadership of the school to the incoming Student Council. It was a time of prayer, reflection and conversations which will help our newly elected student leaders take up the baton and challenge of leading the school. It was a time for the outgoing leaders to share their insights and reflections on their leadership. Change is energising and exciting and the incoming Student Council will no doubt have much to offer in this space in the weeks and months ahead.

Today, all Year 11 students pledged to carry on the fine leadership work of their Year 12 peers in the school community celebration of the Leadership Ritual. This ritual involves the commissioning of the newly elected student leaders and the receiving of the leadership badge for all students in Year 11. Leadership at Loreto Normanhurst involves everyone and Year 11 now become the custodians of this vital role in what will be their final year  underpinned by the Loreto value of ‘Sincerity’. Students have pledged to:

Let Sincerity be at the centre of the love we share with all.



We congratulate the following Year 11 students who were elected into their House Councils and over the coming weeks they will begin their leadership discussions and aspirations with their Heads of House:


Arabella Barr, Lua Pellegrini, Ainsley Mallett, Gahee Bong, Chelsea Roxby, Chloe Bremer, Courtney Parslow, Charlotte Flaherty


Romy Schneider-Smith, Christina Morris, Jasmine Tang, Lara Kirkwood, Lucy Hall, Maxe O’Kelly, Jessica Curtin, Arta Bayat


Bridget Downes, Susannah Coady, Greer Pollard, Caitlin Bush, Piper Hall, Larissa Vella, Swetha Kumar, Eileen Yang


Abigail Mulcaster, Tara Forman, Paris Sharpe, Chloe White, Ginger Soames, Sarah Henry, Alex Heaton, Christina Saad


Lucy Illek, Ainsley Woods, Natasha Nery, Charlotte Tillbrook, Seyeon Heo, Gabrielle Elias, Lucy Blomfield, Emily Franco


Lucy Hassall, Anna Mossie, Grace Campbell, Jie Yi Choong, Abby Roman, Anna Hanselmann, Amila Browning, Nitasha Dewan


Antonia Tassell, Niamh Graham, Hannah John, Katrina Oong, Millicent Price, Alannah Tuttle, Emma Carrigan, Michala White


Harriette Negline-Smyth, Sarah Donnison, Imogen Whitnall, Tiana Dolores, Angeline Raggett, Laura Gourley, Lucy Bell, Natalie Martinez



The final piece of the leadership puzzle will be the voting and filling of the Student Representative Council positions for Years 8, 9 and 10 which will take place next week in Tutor time. We are very fortunate that we have a depth of student leadership and a strong values framework that underpins the work that we do with our students. The photos in this week’s gallery capture the essence and excitement of what lays ahead for the students and the school.


Information for parents of learner drivers

Hornsby Shire Council will be holding another workshop for parents and carers who are teaching a learner driver through the NSW Graduated Licensing Scheme (GLS).

As young people approach driving age it is important they and their parents or carers are aware of what is ahead as a learner driver and how they achieve the 120 supervised driving hours in their logbook. As you may be aware, P-plate drivers are involved in more crashes than any other driving group (including learner drivers). Parents play a key role in guiding and promoting safe driving habits.

Date: Thursday 20th September 2018
Time: 6:30 to 8:30pm
Location: Hornsby Shire Council Chambers Building, Hawkesbury Room
Cost: Free
Bookings essential  – book here 

This workshop offers practical advice and information to parents/carers and supervising drivers on how to help learner drivers become safer drivers and will provide information about:

  • Understanding the Graduated Licensing Scheme and the current laws of L and P licence holders.
  • Completing the Learner driver log book.
  • Understanding the benefits of supervised on-road driving experience.
  • Supervising Learner drivers.
  • Young Driver Issues.
  • The Safer Drivers Course.
  • Lots of tips to help the parent / carer and Learner.

For further information please email or phone 9847 6856.


Conversations this week

Year 12

‘Finishing Well’ conversation with Heads of House

Year 11

Leadership Ritual Rehearsal with Ms McCullough and Mr Madigan

Year 10

Digital Pathways Conversation with Mr Pluss

Year 9

FNQE Reflection Conversation with Mr Merchant

Year 8

Learning to Learn Program with Year 8 Team

Year 7

RAP Program Wrap Up with Year 7 Team


Please feel free to contact me here if you have any questions or concerns.


Mr Justin Madigan

Dean of Pastoral Care