Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Term Two has been such a busy and productive time for everyone and it is hard to believe  the school holidays are just around the corner. Last week, two students in Year 12 attended an afternoon tea with the Hon Paul Fletcher, the Member for Bradfield. Mr Fletcher is the Minister for Urban Infrastructure and Cities in the Australian Government. I am sure you will enjoy reading Claire and Dominica’s report on their experience. It is opportunities such as these that lay solid foundations for our students to represent their school and to build their own networks with others. All students can develop their networks, as it is in doing so, that they become engaged and exposed to other points of views. I encourage you to speak to your daughter about how she can develop this invaluable life-long skill.


Student Leaders Afternoon with the Hon Paul Fletcher MP

“On Tuesday 12 June, we were privileged to attend an afternoon tea with the Hon Paul Fletcher, the Member for Bradfield, with a group of other senior students from a variety of schools in the area. We were eager to learn more about our local political situation and how it can impact young Australians. 

The afternoon began with everyone introducing themselves and explaining why we were there and what interested us about politics at a national and international level. Then Mr Fletcher asked a series of questions to the group including our opinions on some significant issues such as housing affordability and population growth. He was also interested to hear about how we as students engage with democracy and why recent statistics have revealed that young people’s faith in our political system is decreasing. We discussed the ways in which our politicians can lead their constituents and represent their views at a parliamentary level. We found it very interesting to hear the variety of other student’s opinions on some of these issues as well as present our own. Mr Fletcher also talked about his own experiences of getting involved in politics and the career path he took to get to where he is.

Overall, it was a very interesting experience and we both found it beneficial to be able to engage in a conversation about politics and the ways in which we could have a fulfilling political career. Our Loreto education has certainly prepared us well to become active citizens at a time when our world is demanding strong leadership in the political arena.”

Dominica Leaver and Claire Phillips Year 12 


2018 Loreto Day Raffle and Auction Winners

Thank you for all your support of the Loreto Day raffle and we congratulate Mrs Claire Williams, Mrs Louise O’Rourke and Mrs Megan Pollard who were the winners of the David Jones vouchers for 2018. It is so wonderful to work in a school community that gives generously and we look forward to your continued support next year. Over the next few weeks, we will make contact with the auction winners and outline how you can collect your goods and finalise payment.


Conversations this week:

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Leadership Reflection Conversation with Yvette Crouch and Jessica Drummond

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Embracing Opportunities with the End in Mind Conversation with Mrs Long

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Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions or any concerns in general about your daughter.


Mr Justin Madigan

Dean of Pastoral Care